Day 4 – Jumah – Thabet, Adel and Zowrez - London Muslim Mosque Friday July 12 2013

After praying Jumah in London Muslim Mosque, I struck up a conversation with students hanging out in the Reception Hall.

Thabet, Adel, and Zowrez are university students. Two of them locally at Western, one at Ryerson in downtown Toronto.

All of them are here for Ramadan.

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Muslim Resource Centre for Social Service Integration London Front Door - Friday July 12 2013

Whenever I asked about story leads about Muslims in London, Ontario there was one name and one Institution which kept coming up.

Mohammed Baobaid and the Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration.

And that’s where the conversation would inevitably stop because people couldn’t think of anyone better to suggest. Well then, that settled it. I had to meet this Brother before I left the City.

The organization’s name is a mouthful! Everyone who told me about MRCSSI just referred to it as the Muslim Resource Centre.

We met in his office at 111 Waterloo Street shortly before the first Jumah of Ramadan 2013…

Mohammed Baobaid – Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration - Friday July 12 2013

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Muslims Live RAMADAN Radio Show Studio Entrance - Western University's Campus Community Radio Station, London - Friday July 12 2013

It’s 3:45 a.m.

I am sitting on a bench in the London Muslim Mosque parking lot waiting for my ride to Western University.

We’re headed to the Campus Community Radio Studio for today’s Fajr time edition of MuslimsLive RAMADAN Radio Show.

A car pulls up. We’re both on time. Minutes later we are on the campus of Western University in a Student owned building which houses the Campus Radio station.

Time to air is short. The five of us pray Fajr in the hallway outside the studio doors. Right after prayers are done, the brothers hurry back to the studio, do mic checks. Moments later they are ready to go live.

Muslims Live RAMADAN Radio Show in Studio - Western University's Campus Community Radio Station, London - Friday July 12 2013

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Zoltan playing Connect Four board game with Muslim student London Wednesday July 10 2013

Mr. Zoltan! Mr. Zoltan!

Shouts the little boy wanting the attention of his Islamic Studies summer school teacher.

We are on the second floor of a building on Oxford Street East in London, Ontario.

London MAC Youth Centre Bulletin Board - July 9 2013

The Muslim Association of Canada, has transformed what was standard office space back in 2007 into the very busy London MAC Youth Centre of today.

Four days a week this summer, any number of Muslim students can be heard in the halls shouting, Mr. Zoltan! Mr. Zoltan!

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reflections on islam masjid dome

Sister Ayisha left a comment on the Reflections On Islam story from Ramadan Day 15 in 2011:

Salam and Ramadan Mubarak

Unfortunately the Reflection on Islam program has been discontinued on the radio.

But you can still listen to it on half hour before sunset time.


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diabetes ramadan plan to fast safely flyer wednesday july 10 2013

Got Diabetes?

Yet still eager to fast?

Too bad.

Until recently you were out of luck.

Fasting safely as option for Muslims with Diabetes is something new and still developing.

I first noticed the flyer pictured above pinned to a bulletin board the moment I first entered the London Muslim Mosque. Ever since, I’ve kept seeing the flyer at various Muslim points of interest I’ve visited.

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Adhan Al-Fajr / Dawn Call to Prayer

London Muslim Mosque – Wednesday July 10 2013

Close to one billion people will be fasting this Ramadan. It’s the one time we all come together as a family. But if we are a family, what would our family portrait look like?

Help us create the biggest and most diverse catalog of moments from around the world this Ramadan. Use hashtag #30DAYS and we will link your photos, videos, and gifs to our site.

Day 1 - Live 6 pm news broadcast by CTV London on start of Ramadan in front of London Muslim Mosque Tuesday July 09 2013

One of the first things I did after arriving at the London Muslim Mosque and praying my Dhuhr Prayers on time in congregation, was learning CTV London was coming to record a segment for their 6 p.m. news broadcast.

I happened to spot them in the parking lot as they arrived and found myself being a one person welcoming committee. I lead them to the office and introduced them to who they had come to interview.

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