Between Storytelling and Surveillance

This morning, in preparing to possibly begin blogging something in the 30 MORE category leading up to Hajj 2013, a working Research Paper popped up…

Sangita Shresthova, Ph. D.

And, there’s a one line mention of 30Masjids ( WooHoo! ) on page 69:
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Welcome to Ramadan Get Prepared

“For me, this Ramadan, was one of reflection of the past”

By Mona Rahman (@naeema_mnr) | Kingston, Ontario

The first night of Taraweeh prayers, I looked around the packed masjid and missed those whom I had spent Ramadan with growing up.  We have all scattered around the land, the continent, and even the world.

Being an academic town, housing Queen’s University, RMC and St. Lawrence College, we also had a partially transient community growing up, hosting students from all over the world, many of whom had gone back to their home countries.

This year, we also lost a few of our senior generation i.e. the Uncles and Aunties.


Growing up, we didn’t have a masjid per se; our activities were held at various places in Kingston, mainly at the Queen’s University campus.

We looked forward to potluck iftars on Saturdays on campus at the International Centre, as well as daily Taraweeh prayers, also held on campus.

Alhamdulillah, we always seemed to have been blessed with at least one person who was Hafiz-ul-Qur’an who could lead the prayers.

One year, there were three brothers who rotated through the month.

As the community grew and expanded into the suburbs, a second jama’a was held at someone’s house in addition to the one held on campus.  We were a close-knit community of several families, who truly felt like an extended family.

After Ramadan, ‘Eid Salah was held at a bigger room on campus and there was yet another potluck Eid dinner to look forward to or picnic, depending on the season.  Picnic season also meant dessert at the farm of one of our community members or dessert at pony rides!


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Anwar Sajad in Hospital

“They’re just nice people,”

“They’ve always got the neighbourhood kids over there. They are the kind of people you want for neighbours.”

Barb Hughes, she lives two doors down from The Sajad Family

During the First Ten Days of Ramadan, on Tuesday July 16 2013, Hamilton Taxi Driver Anwar Sajad picked up two men and one woman at a grocery store at Upper Paradise and Mohawk Road.

After driving them to an address on Limeridge Road West, Anwar Sajad was savagely beaten.
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For this year’s Eid al Fitr, the Muslim Association of Canada has arranged for this sign on the front lawn of Old City Hall, Toronto.

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01 - Ibrahim Jam-E Mosque - 778 King Street East - Hamilton Ontario - Wednesday August 7 2013
This Isha prayer was originally intended to be performed in the Downtown Hamilton Mosque, but when I learned during Iftar that another Masjid was only blocks away, I had to take the opportunity to visit.

The first Isha after the end of the month of Ramadan was just such an opportunity.
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01 - Passing ISNA Canada Headquarters, as seen from GO Transit Bus on QEW, en route to Hamilton - Wednesday August 7 2013

02 - August 8 dim sum sushi, Restaurant in Strip Mall, Hamilton Ontario - Wednesday August 7 2013

03 - Hamilton Downtown Mosque at 96 Wilson Street - Wednesday August 7 2013
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If you don’t try and fail, you won’t really learn anything. And if you don’t even try, you won’t even fail.

Says Ziyaad Mia (@Give_30), Creator and Project Co-ordinator of the Give 30 Campaign.

Today, 30 Masjids met Give 30 on Day 30 of Ramadan 2013
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To The Brother sitting beside me who asked me to email him a copy of this video as he saw me recording it: I gave you the URL to this website instead and promised I would post the video today. InshAllah, I trust you found this website and this little acknowledgement of your request. Eid Mubarak!
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