08 - Suhoor - Fajr - 125 - The Brothers' House - St John's Nfld - Monday June 6 2016

You can’t find it on IslamicFinder. You won’t see it on Salat-o-Matic.

This may be Newfoundland’s third Musallah. Yet it’s much more than that…

40 minutes until Dawn, until Fasting, begins in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

2:15 a.m. and I’m knocking on the door of “125”.

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02 - Night 1 - Taraweeh - Muslim Students Association - The Landing - Student Centre - Memorial University

St. John’s has two Taraweeh Prayers on this First Night in Ramadan 2016.

Here on Campus, Muslim Students’ Association has arranged for Isha and Taraweeh Prayers in The Landing, a large multi-use space in the Student Centre Building.

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Report filed with Moonsighting.com for Ramadan 1 1437 / Sunday June 5 2016 :

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02 - dhuhr - mun - msa - st john's newfoundland and labrador

The Muslim Students’ Association at Memorial University holds all five daily prayers.

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air canada ac 7524- yul

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Many Thanks to Philanthropist Faisal Kutty.

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02 - JUMAH  Friday Prayer before Ramadan Starts - Usman Gousi Mosque - 75 Kirkdene Road, Port Union Village - Scarborough, Ontario

Today for Jumah, Friday Congregational Prayers, I found myself with friends observing in Port Union Village, Scarborough.

This eastern most district in Toronto is home to three neighbourhood masjids.

Usman Gousi Mosque is located at 75 Kirkdene Road.

The Reminder is in Urdu. The short, very short sermon is in Arabic.

The school of thought of the worshippers and maintainers of this masjid is South Asian Sufi.

The building is a former neighbourhood Church, which you may glean for the partially painted Cross in the north-facing wall.

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30 masjids Canada map - route - initial

AsalamAlayKum, Peace and Greetings be upon each of you.

Ramadan 2016 is a few days away, hours actually, and InshAllah (God-Alone Willing), 30Masjids will be blogging daily stories and updates.

30Masjids began blogging in Ramadan 2011, initially focusing on Muslims in Toronto, their History, Architecture, meeting and Featuring People, breaking the daily fast, and sharing lesser known Canadian stories.

cup of water for break fast station manned by youth islamic foundation of toronto nugget mosque sunday july 29 2012

30 Masjids ONTARIO – Ramadan 2013

Ramadan 2013 found us exploring The Province of Ontario, visiting Masjids and Islamic Centres from London to Windsor to Sault St. Marie to North Bay to Ottawa (including a hop over the Quebec Border!) and back to Toronto for Eid.

Photo by Kenneth Armstrong - SOOtoday.com, Sault St Marie, Ontario - Ramadan 2013

(Photo by Kenneth Armstrong – SOOtoday.com, Sault St Marie, Ontario – Ramadan 2013)

30 Masjids CANADA – Ramadan 2016 – Newfoundland to British Columbia

  • Is there one Muslim Canadian Identity? Or many?
  • Do All Muslim Canadians Break Fast The Same Way?
  • How do Muslims in Northern Latitudes handle very long summertime fasts?
  • 8 Rakats of Taraweeh (Extra Night Prayers), or 20? Coffee, Tea, Red Bull?
  • Fort McMurray Muslims… so many stories…
  • …and… going with the flow, 10 Canadian Provinces, 30 Masjids, in 30 Days.

InshAllah, 30Masjids will be visiting Masjids all over Canada during this Ramadan 2016.

To our knowledge, this may be the first-ever 30-Masjids-in-30-Days-during-Ramadan-in-Canada blogging journey….

Starting in St. John’s, Nfld. on Sunday June 5 2016 at Muslim Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Then Halifax, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec….

From Montreal, InshAllah, we’ll head west to Thunder Bay in North West Ontario, and then points West.

Before the Forest Fires devasted Fort McMurray, Alberta, I had intended to visit there.

Instead, we’ll spend more time in Edmonton, where many Fort McMurray Muslims had evacuated to.

Already a number of good story leads are from Alberta, InshAllah, we’ll follow up and share those Stories.

The Intention is to end Ramadan 2016 in Victoria, British Columbia and observe Eid-al-Fitr in Vancouver.

GTA Eid al-Adha, Muslim Association of Canada, Better Living Centre, CNE Exhibition Place, Toronto Ontario Canada, Friday October 26 2012 -  panoramic

This year’s Trans-Canada Ramadan journey is informed by Environics’ recently released Survey of Muslims in Canada 2016.

Much is gleaned from the survey results yet curiosities remain.

InshAllah, we’ll explore and hopefully answers those curiosities, blog post by blog post, day by day, province by province.

at 30 masjids

Ramadan 2017

There are many locations beyond reach in only one month.

Notably, four Masjids in Canada’s Northern Territories.

Hence, 30 Masjids Canada, will aspire to be a two-year-project, beginning this Ramadan 2016 and concluding next Ramadan 2017.

Guest Blogging

As always, 30Masjids encourages and welcomes YOUR Stories via Guest Blogging.

30Masjids has always welcomed Guest Bloggers, from around Toronto, and around The World.


If you can help 30 Masjids Canada financially, helping us to complete our journey, the Donate Now button is above.

InshAllah, Your Turn…

If you have story leads, interesting Muslim Canadians to meet, or perhaps wish to invite me to your Iftar, please leave a comment below.

Salam, Peace.

HiMY SYeD ( @30Masjids / #cdnmuslims )

Shaikh Abdool Hamid delivers Islamic Reminders on Mondays and Wednesdays in Masjid Toronto after the Dhuhr / Mid-Day Prayer.

Today’s Reminder is in anticipation of Ramadan 2016 beginning in a few days: The Specialness of Fasting in Ramadan .

Doors Open Toronto 2016 - DOT16

Doors Open Toronto is always the Last Weekend in May.

This year, DOT16, offers four very different Islamic or Muslim related locations who are opening their doors welcoming in The General Public:

The Dawah Centre & Jerrahi Canada, also opened their doors for DOT14:

Logistically, if you’re up for visiting all four locations, it makes sense to perhaps do it over two days.

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