Aasiya Hussain of Ecohesian in Canada's backyard - Tuesday August 6 2013

The following is a quick rambling mash-up somewhere in-between an interview, my questions, Aasiya’s answers, and our overall conversation. Aasiya and I met for a few minutes during her afternoon break, where she works in Toronto as an Outdoor Professional…
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Imam Ali (AS) Masjid, 1606 Walkley Road, Ottawa - Sunday August 4 2013

Having prayed Dhuhr in the Ottawa Islamic Centre, I began walking towards the South Keys neighbourhood in Ottawa South towards Assalam Muslim Association.

En route, I spotted the Imam Ali (AS) Masjid.
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01 - Ottawa Islamic Centre, Assalam Mosque, 2335 St Laurent, Ottawa - Saturday August 3 2013

One of the casualties of Some Masjids following visual Moonsighting to determine the Ramadan Calendar Month, and others going by astronomical calculations, is that I forgot it was Layla tul Qadr.. for me. While it was still the night of the 26th for everyone else!

Nobody’s perfect, Alhumdulillah…

I got in Isha, Taraweeh minus two rakats of eight, and almost all of Tahajjud. Somewhere in there I went to Timmies, and tweeted some pics of Iftar, which now makes up the previous blog post.

The battery’s almost dead on my netbook as I type this sitting outside a Starbucks in South Keys Shopping Centre in Ottawa South. Rain drops keep spitting on my keyboard.

IF I CAN, InshAllah, I will update this blog post with proper captions and explanations of the images presented. For now, here’s what last night looked like at the Ottawa Islamic Centre also known as Assalam Mosque.
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Guest Blog Post by Brother Abubacar | Sudbury, Ontario

Salamu Aleykum Br. Himy,

NMA Inc. is a registered charitable organization founded in 2008 by a few brothers (4 or 5 core).

The goal of NMA is the promotion and teachings of the Values and Principles of Islam according to Qur’an and Sunnah of our beloved ar-Rassul-ul-Allah (pbuh).

It is important that our families, children, develop and maintain a proper Muslim character and identity (which encourages tolerance and mutual respect among different Faiths, cultures).

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01 - Gatineau Mosque - Centre Islamique de l’Outaouais, 4 rue Lois, Hull, Gatineau, Quebec - Friday August 2 2013

This was kind of a tough decision. And also an easy one.
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01 - Ottawa Main Mosque, seen from Scott Street, Jumah Friday August 2 2013

The Last Friday of Ramadan 2013.

I could have prayed in any masjid in Ottawa, but I wanted to pray in the Ottawa Main Mosque.

This may no longer be the biggest physical Muslim place of prayer in the Ottawa Region, but it is still the main masjid of the city. It is still Ottawa’s Jami Mosque.

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Young Muslims serving in Canada's Armed Forces, Ottawa Muslim Association Parking Lot, Jumah, Friday August 2 2013

After praying Jumah in the Ottawa Main Mosque, I spotted these young Muslims in the parking lot awaiting their ride.
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It’s 1:54 a.m. I am sitting in the Bank Street McDonald’s, a stone’s throw distance from Assunnah Muslim Association at 1216 Hunt Club Road in Ottawa South.

This entry will be updated at length as soon as I can get to it, InshAllah.

For now, here a few photos tweeted earlier tonight to give you a sense of the Thursday Night Iftar at The AMA.
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