Friend & Supporter of 30Masjids, Faisal Kutty,

Along with Mustafa Farooq were interviewed by Indus News.

They were discussing Public Adhan in Canada.

While the segment was playing,

On screen in-between both speakers,

The very recognizable Jami Mosque main prayer hall appeared.

Clip looked so familiar to me . . .

And, yes!


The clip which was looped to accompany their discussion was recorded by me inside Toronto’s Jami Mosque on Day 9 of Ramadan 2015 !






Hong Kong masajids and madrasahs have had it’s second week of public Jummah salah abiding to the government’s social distancing and hygiene standards.

This is in Kowloon Masjid,

which once again had arranged two salatul Jummah so that the numbers can be maintained.

✔️ Entrance was through the two main gates only.
✔️ Temperature was checked for every entry.
✔️ Hand sanitizers machines installed at few walls.
✔️ Salah positions clearly marked out in halls.
✔️ Khutbah delivery was limited due to time.
✔️ Exit of the first jammh attendees was through side back gates.
✔️ Entry of the second jammah attendees from front main gates with people lining up along pavement in a single line left and right. All with masks on.

May Allah accept from all managements, imams, volunteers and those who attended with discipline and in an orderly manner.

May Allah continue to safeguard everyone worldwide and open more of His houses doors to the Ummah worldwide with peace and tranquility.

Asad Ghondal,

Chairman of the BC Muslim Association’s Surrey / Delta branch,

Asked The City of Surrey to allow Public Adhans at Surrey Jamea Masjid at 12407 72 Avenue.

Vancouver and neighbouring Burnaby now have Public Adhans for the remainder of Ramadan 2020.

“The area where we it is,
it’s a very dense population with the Muslim community.
We respect the bylaws,
we respect the community diversity,
we always respect the community space.”

His request was for a two minute prayer for ten days, starting May 13th.

The City of Surrey responded :


The City of Surrey BC initially agreed to a Single Public Call to Prayer, to be broadcast on the Final Night of Ramadan 2020.

Asad Ghondal wrote back to The City two more times.

Eventually, they agreed to allow broadcasting The Call to Prayer for only Five nights, beginning Monday 18 2020

Listen to the radio interview for the full story.


Message posted on facebook

“Asalamualaykum WRB

I hope this message finds all of you well, in the best of health and Islamic spirit.

BCMA is the leading organization for Muslims in BC.

We have always taken a lead in catering to the wants and needs of our community.

In the light of that,

it is with extreme gratitude and honor that I am announcing,

from the initiative taken by the BCMA Surrey/Delta Branch – Surrey Jamea Masjid,

we have gotten the permission to call out the Adhaan for five days,


We contacted the Mayor’s office on the 6th fast of Ramadan to get permission to broadcast the Adhaan for Maghrib time.

We had taken this step very early even before the approvals in North America.

As there were approvals of Adhaan within North America where the Muslim population was not dense, we thought we should definitely present a stronger case to the city for an approval.

We gathered the support of our community and I have always seen the support of my board of directors and especially that of my President, Br. Iltaf Sahib.

The first person that I contacted in this whole experience was our MP for our locality the Honorable Sukh Dhaliwal.

He has always shown the Muslim community his support and for that,

Alhamudillah, we are grateful.

It was not an easy road but we have gotten what we set out to achieve.

Alhamdulillah, we stood together as a community and our voices were one rather than divided and for that,

I would like to thank each and every one of you that stood with me.

I want to give a special thanks to the Surrey City Council Members that were first to stand with us and give us assurance their support would be with us.

I want to give my sincerest thanks and extreme gratitude to all those that have stood with me.

  • Bilal Cheema
  • Shaukat Khan of Pakistan Canada Association
  • Zeeshan Wahla and Dave Hans of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Consultants
  • Ashiana Khan of Media Waves

Once again,

I want to give my sincerest thanks to Mayor Doug Mccallum and the Surrey City Council Council their support.

We will broadcast the Adhaan for five days, InshaAllah.

I wanted to congratulate everyone that stood with me during this difficult time and showed tremendous amount of support.

May Allah SWT bless each and every one of you. Ameen.

PS: I also wanted to say to those people that were unsure of when the request for Adhaan become a request.

Some people, without taking any names, began to use this to their own agendas for political gains and taking credit for something they — not only did not start, but also didn’t finish.

I want to congratulate those people as well.

JazakAllah Khair,

Muhammad Asad Gondal
Surrey Jamea Masjid


What is World Iftar Day ?

Crowdsourcing the Ummah to make a Montage Video of Global Ramadan 2020 messages.

Send in your pics and videos by May 15th to take part and be featured on World Iftar Day

Rules for submission:

– send to


tag/Dm on instagram – image must include

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And anything else of your choice – can be a clip or image – can either be drawn/ printed/ or digital – faces can be cropped or blurred out if preferred.

On Instagram : You tag #WorldIftarDay or @WorldIftarDay

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With Photographs or Video of your World Iftar 2020 Message.

That’s it.

Tag your photo or video #WorldIftarDay in ANY LANGUAGE (!)

They will do the rest.

World Iftar Day will edit your submissions into a montage that will be released on Day 25 of Ramadan 2020 / Monday May 18 2020.

Submission Deadline is : Saturday May 16 at 8 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time

Here’s a sneak peak at a number of . . .


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All praise to Allah (swt) Who Has bestowed upon us His mercy.

As you may be aware the BC government announced its plan for easing COVID-19 restrictions.

After consulting relevant authorities and following the new regulations,

The management board of the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) – Vancouver Centre is pleased to announce the reopening of the Centre for the Jumuaa, Isha and Taraweeh nightly Ramadan congregational prayer starting Saturday May 16th, 2020/Ramadan 23rd, 1441 insha’Allah.”

Booking Salat Attendance at MAC Centre

“Giving the limited attendance numbers suggested by BC government,

We ask our Muslim community for help to smooth entrance and attendance of salat at MAC Centre.

Please book your attendance by visiting main page of

or clicking the link .

Bring your booking ticket when arriving at MAC centre.

The attendance is limited to healthy adult men and women from 15 to 60 year old.

No children or youth below 15 years or seniors above 60 years will be allowed.”

Ishaa and Taraweeh Prayer

“Dr Muhtaz Mansurey

We are blessed to have Dr Muhtaz Mansurey with us for the rest of Ramadan.

We ask Allah to accept his good deeds for joining us in a short notice.”

“My brother Eesa died last night in his sleep (21st night),
he taught me many lessons on brotherhood and this deen.
A loving husband and a father.
No health issues barely 30 yrs old.
But if it’s our time it’s our time.
May Allah grant him Jannah ❤️”

JF Inspires

Masjid al-Salaam and Education Centre made a request to Burnaby City Council for permission to broadcast the evening Call to Prayer over loudspeakers during Ramadan 2020.

On April 29 2020,

Imam Yahya Momla wrote to Council that the Adhān would take on new meaning this year if they’re approved to broadcast it.


Call to Prayer – Permission from the City of Burnaby

“The Islamic call to prayer is called adhān, which means “to inform.”

The call summons Muslims for obligatory prayer and its objective is to bring people together.

Ramadan – the month of fasting began on April 24.

Ramadan is a month where Muslims spend their time in prayer, self-reflection and fasting from sunrise to sunset.

We are seeking the Council’s permission to allow Masjid Al-Salaam to broadcast the adhān through loudspeakers at sunset (3 minutes after sunset to be precise) during the month of Ramadan.

The duration of this adhān is approximately 3 minutes.

This is a show of unity and solidarity with the City and British Columbia that we will overcome the COVID-19 challenge and these difficult times together.

The Adhān is also our unique way of paying homage to the courage, sacrifice, and bravery of our first responders.

This practice is being adopted in other parts of Canada (Ontario and Alberta) and around the world.

We would like to emphasize that in view of the Provincial Health Officer and City’s direction,

the mosque is closed for the public.


the adhān will be live on the Masjid’s Facebook page and YouTube Channel,

so that people can watch and listen to it from home.”


This request was received by Council in the Monday May 11 2020 public meeting.

Staff recommended City Council approve the request as long as the call to prayer complies with Burnaby’s noise by-law.


Burnaby’s First Public Adhān was broadcast via loudspeakers on Night 21, the first of the five possible Laylatul Qadr, Night of Power, in Ramadan 2020.


First public adhan (call to prayer) in Burnaby, BC – Masjid Al Salaam

May 13, 2020

Masjid Al Salaam and Education center is hosting the city’s first public adhan during Magreb prayer.

The Muadhhin (caller) is Brother Mahdi.”

First public adhan (call to prayer) in Burnaby, BC – Masjid Al Salaam

First public adhan (call to prayer) in Burnaby, BC – Masjid Al SalaamMay 13, 2020 Masjid Al Salaam and Education center is hosting the city's first public adhan during Magreb prayer. The Muadhhin (caller) is Brother Mahdi.

Posted by Masjid al Salaam and Education Centre on Wednesday, May 13, 2020


Adhan was called by the Muezzin standing in Masjid Al Salaam’s Noble Courtyard, essentially a public square inside this Islamic Centre.

Tonight’s Muezzin, Brother Mahdi, is a friend of mine, SubhanAllah.


Previously . . .

On Day 28 in Ramadan 2016,

While doing 30 Masjids Canada,

I had sat in this same Noble Courtyard to record a podcast interview with Sharif Senbel, The Architect of this Ecological Masjid.

In Ramadan 2018,

I returned to Masjid Al-Salaam on Day 26 to spend Night 27 for Laylatul Qadr and Khatam Al Qur’an.




May 13, 2020

Fiqh Council of North America

Fatwā regarding Ṣalāt al-Eid in light of COVID-19 lockdown

“All praise is due to Allah, and may peace and salutations be upon the Prophet ﷺ.

In light of the masāsjid being shut down due to the COVID-19 crisis and the upcoming Eid prayers,

the Fiqh Council encourages that Muslims pray Ṣalāt al-Eid in their homes with their own families

(or individually in case one is living by onself),

and there is no need for a khuṭbah.

The Eid prayer is not the same as the Friday prayer,

as Friday has different conditions and rulings.

Scholars have differed over whether attending the Eid is obligatory upon the individual or whether it is a communal obligation.

The Fiqh Council follows the view that it is a communal obligation in normal circumstances but that one is strongly encouraged to pray Eid.

While the general rule is that Eid ṣalat should be prayed in a large congregation,

it is permissible even in regular circumstances for the one who missed Eid to make it up at home.

Anas b. Mālik (RA ) once missed the Eid prayer in Basrah,

so he gathered his family and had one of his household lead them in two rak’ats.

And Aṭāʿ b. Abī Rabāḥ (d. 114 AH) said regarding one who missed the Eid prayer,

“Let him pray two rak’ats and say the takbīrs”;

as well Hammād b. Abī Sulayman (d. 120 AH),

the famous scholar of Kufa and teacher of Imam Abu Ḥanīfa,

said when asked the same question,

“He should pray as they prayed, and do the takbīrat as they did.” [Muṣannaf of Ibn Abī Shaybah, 2/4-5].

All of these reports are regarding those who missed Eid for any reason.

Given our current situation,

we advise families to observe all of the Sunnahs of Eid

(of taking a ghusl, eating a breakfast, wearing one’s best garments, saying the general takbīrat after Fajr, etc.)

and then praying a congregational prayer at home with their own families,

with the special takbīrat of Eid.

(The takbirāt of the Eid prayer vary between the legal schools – each family may follow their own school preferred school.)

All our four schools of law state that attending the khuṭbah of Eid is not obligatory,

nor is the khuṭbah a requirement of the Eid prayer,

it is not required to give Khutbah in every home.

The Fiqh Council encourages masjids to live broadcast Eid khuṭbahs,

and all families pray their individual congregational prayers at a given time,

and then,

after they finish their own Eid prayers,

they can listen to the live khutbah as a general reminder.

And Allah knows best.”


Prepared by Dr. Yasir Qadhi and adopted by the Fiqh Council in May of 2020.



“The fatwa that I shared a few days ago about praying Eid at home with one’s family has been adopted (with slight modifications) by the Fiqh Council of North America.

You may now ascribe this opinion to the Fiqh Council.

I am also aware of other Councils around the globe following similar views;

and many scholars in Muslim-majority countries as well have given similar fatwas.

The Fiqh Council (with unanimity amongst its members) feels that in light of our current circumstances,

there is a very genuine need to preserve the spirit of Eid amongst families by encouraging them to pray two rak’ats at home,

and there is plenty of precedence in our classical fiqh to extrapolate this position given our context.

The whole point of ijtihād,

and the real job of a faqīh,

isn’t just to cut and paste opinions of a different time and place,

but to contextualize and work within different circumstances to see what may or may not be adopted and modified for our current times and places.

It is always a difficult balance:

being faithful to the goals of the Sharī`ah in light of our traditional fiqh, vs. being faithful to the texts of our earlier scholars upon which we based our studies of fiqh.

And in this delicate balance,

scholars will invariably differ – such is the nature of not only fiqh,

but in fact of being human.

(This rumination is generic – the fatwa to pray Eid at home in case there is no Eid being offered is not a departure from classical fiqh, and is a well-known opinion of some legal schools – however the Fiqh Council feels that given the current circumstances it is just the more appropriate fatwa to endorse).

That having been said,

I hope that those who follow my social media and listen to my lectures are aware that I very actively preach not only tolerance but genuine respect for all mainstream opinions.

For those who wish to follow other opinions,


there is no problem whatsoever!

Obviously this is not a matter of ḥaqq vs. bāṭil or ḥarām vs. ḥalāl!

It’s just two rak’ats being prayed at home or not!!


whatever position you follow,

enjoy your Eid day,

and may Allah accept from us our worship,

especially the ones coming up in the last ten nights!”


Here is the link to the fatwa:


Dr. Yasir Qadhi

Athan Broadcasting to the public:Alhamdulellah, On 11th of Ramadan 1441H – May 4th, 2020, For the first time ever on Vancouver Island, Masjid Al-Iman started broadcasting the Athan from the Masjid to the public. This is a historic milestone for the Muslim community on Vancouver Island.Inshallah, we will continue public Athan in Ramadan and throughout the year. Thanks to everyone that helped to make it happen. The BC Muslim Association

Posted by Masjid Al-Iman on Wednesday, May 13, 2020


Athan Broadcasting to the public:


On 11th of Ramadan 1441H – May 4th, 2020,

For the first time ever on Vancouver Island,

Masjid Al-Iman started broadcasting the Athan from the Masjid to the public.

This is a historic milestone for the Muslim community on Vancouver Island.


We will continue public Athan in Ramadan and throughout the year.

Thanks to everyone that helped to make it happen.

The BC Muslim Association


Good work by the Victoria masjid Committee (Masjid Al-Imam) and the Imam to be the first to initiate this in BC.

Thanks to the City of Victoria for this kind gesture in this blessed month of Ramadan.

Iltaf Sahib