It’s Friday Morning, Day 19 of Ramadan 2016 and I’ve arrived by bus in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I intend to attend Jumah Prayers in the City’s oldest masjid shortly.

Before Jumah, Evakatrina and I met inside the Main Branch of the Public Library, a short walk from the bus terminal.

We’ve been following each other on Twitter for years, yet this is only the second time we’ve met in person.


We recorded this 12 minute podcast where Evakatrina shares with us her experience of Being a Muslim in Saskatoon.

InshAllah, you enjoy our chat.

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01 - Labbaik - 15 year old Taraweeh Prayer Leader - Islamic Association of Saskatchewan, Regina - Thursday June 23 2016

After Iftar and before Isha, I randomly sit down on the main floor of Islamic Association of Saskatchewan, Regina.

Nearby are a couple of young brothers. One of them is Labbaik.

Originally from Toronto, Labbaik has lived in Regina since he was nine. Today, he’s 15.

Labbaik ended up in Regina, because his dad wanted to sponsor his uncle into Canada, and found it would be easier to do so from Saskatchewan, rather than from Toronto.

The familiy then moved from Ontario to Saskatchewan to take advantage of the generous Provincial sponsorship/nominee program at the time. It has since tightened up.

At 15, Labbaik has already memorized the entire Qur’an. Making him Hafiz of Qur’an.

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( InshAllah, I’ll be updating numerous recent days’ posts, like this one here, that have only embedded tweets, with full stories and reports as soon as I find good wifi! InshAllah.)

Hena Khan, whom we met in Winnipeg on Day 14 of 30 Masjids CANADA, was interviewed by Anna Maria Tremonti on CBC Radio One’s The Current.

The CBC interview is a good bookend to our Day 14 story.

Worth a listen…

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In Madinah, there is the original Masjid Qiblatain. The original Qiblah, or direction during prayer, was towards the Dome of The Rock in Jerusalem.

The Prophet Muhammad, Upon Whom be Peace, recieved Revelation that the Qiblah would change from facing North-West and Jerusalem to South, and facing the Kaabah in Makkah.

Winnipeg’s first and oldest masjid, at 247 Hazelwood Avenue in the St. Vital neighbourhood was constructed at a time of questioning by North American Muslims of the then South-East direction towards Makkah, and whether we should face North-East.

That discussion had consequences for Winnipeg’s Muslims, as they ended up building a masjid with Two Qiblahs.

The masjid at 247 Hazelwood, is Canada’s own Masjid Qiblatain.

For Day 16 of Ramadan 2016, a video tour in and around Winnipeg’s Grand Mosque, One of two under stewardship by The Manitoba Islamic Assocation, at 2445 Waverley Street.

A 30 Canadian Masjids in 30 Days Half-Time Report from Winnipeg, Manitoba on Day 15 of Ramadan 2016 / Monday June 20 2016.

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02 - Manitoba Islamic Association - Benefit Iftar supporting Coalition for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women - Winnipeg Grand Mosque - Sunday June 19 2016

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10 - It's Ramadan Curious George - Hena Khan - Manitoba Islamic Association - 2445 Waverley Rd - Winnipeg

“We need more Muslim writers; we need more Muslims to tell our stories, so that other people can learn about who we are.”

Hena Khan

Hena Khan, Children’s Author, held her first-ever Canadian meet & greet at Manitoba Islamic Association‘s Winnipeg Grand Mosque on Sunday afternoon, Day 14 of Ramadan 2016, to celebrate her latest book, It’s Ramadan, Curious George.

Winnipeg, so far, is her only Canadian stop celebrating her new book.

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