This is the second year of the Pandemic. Masjids are closed. Stay-at-Home orders are in effect.

Congregational prayers may be limited to 10 at most.

Lockdowns with varying rules depending on city and province have created an uneven Ramadan experience for many Canadian Muslims.

With an intention to help re-connect us with Ramadan and fellow Muslims,

This Collection of Photographs is a glimpse of the First 10 Days of Ramadan 2021.

Photos are from the Toronto Metropolitan Area, from around Canada, from around The Muslim World :

30 Masjids BIG photoblogFirst Ten Days of Ramadan 2021 – Canada and Around The Muslim World


InshAllah, we’ll post a collection of photographs from the middle 10 days of Ramadan 2021.

If you wish to submit your Ramadan photos, tweet us @30Masjids or leave a comment on this post.


This 9th morning of Ramadan 2021,

While eating our Suhoor / Pre-Dawn meal before beginning the day’s Fast,

We listened to Qur’an Recitation by Qari Shaikh Mohamed Abdel Aziz

Livestreamed by the Islamic Institute of Toronto.


IIT then Livestreams a separate Video recording of Adhan Al Fajr,

The Call to Morning Prayer.

The daily Livestream Video of IIT’s Morning Call to Prayer is not exactly timed to the minute when Dawn begins and we are to stop eating Suhoor and begin our Fast.

Somehow I was expecting that.

What I wasn’t expecting was SNOW.

Fajr time and it is Snowing in the Toronto Metropolitan Area.

اللَّهُمَّ اغْسِلْ خَطَايَاىَ بِمَاءِ الثَّلْجِ وَالْبَرَدِ، وَنَقِّ قَلْبِي مِنَ الْخَطَايَا، كَمَا يُنَقَّى الثَّوْبُ الأَبْيَضُ مِنَ الدَّنَسِ، وَبَاعِدْ بَيْنِي وَبَيْنَ خَطَايَاىَ كَمَا بَاعَدْتَ بَيْنَ الْمَشْرِقِ وَالْمَغْرِبِ

” O Allah !

Wash away my sins with the water of snow and hail,

and cleanse my heart from the sins as a white garment is cleansed of filth,

and let there be a far away distance between me and my sins


You have set far away the East and the West from each other. “

( Bukhārī 6375 )

Brother Nader Khan,

Who we first met on Day 7 of Ramadan 2012

In the original location of Seeker’s Hub Toronto,

And last saw in person on Day 11 of Ramadan 2019

Performing on stage at Rose Theatre during City of Brampton’s First Community Iftar,

Has released this New Single at the beginning of Ramadan 2021,

Usefully & appropriately titled,


Enjoy . . .

This song is about re-connecting with so many of those distinct experiences and aspirations that come about as we observe Ramadan in the Greater Toronto Area,

And really also in large metropolitan cities anywhere in the world.

It’s a cover of an original song that came out last year,

by my dear brother Isam Bachiri in 2020.

I loved the song,

and I loved it even more when he suggested that I pen a cover for Toronto.

As with other releases from our label (First Spring Records),

100% of the profits from this single will be donated to a charitable project as part of our #ShareTheProphet initiative.

For this release,

we’re really excited to be supporting Give 30,

an initiative to fight hunger by supporting food banks in Canada and the United States during Ramadan.

So every song purchase and stream will raise funds for this blessed project.

Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers.

I pray that you enjoy this song even more than we enjoyed crafting it.

Please do share it with others. ”

Nader Khan



It was also Night 7 in Ramadan 2020 last year that Adhan Al Maghrib,

The Call to The Prayer after Sunset,

Began broadcasting outside into the ISNA Canada parking lot via loudspeaker.

Madinah Masjid in Toronto’s East End Danforth Avenue neighbourhood offers Curb Side Iftar Pickup on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays during Ramadan 2021.

We arrived a few minutes before the 7 p.m. Doors Open time for Iftar Pickup,

Only a few people were waiting outside.

Because so many Muslim Families live within line of sight,

if not immediate walking distance of Madinah Masjid,

a line of people appeared almost from nowhere,

self-organizing into 6 feet apart distances awaiting their turn for Iftar Pickup.

Front Entrance Doors into Madinah Masjid echo Horseshoe Arches found in Alhambra Palace of Muslim Andalusia from centuries past, and of Spain today.

But to enter Madinah Masjid during Pandemic Protocols,

requires a few steps around the building.

I was pleased to again see bicycle parking by a masjid’s entrance.

I rode my bike, both of them,

to complete 30 Masjids in 30 Days of Ramadan 2012.

Often finding ZERO Bike Parking provided by the Masjid I was visiting on any given day.

This despite Islam clearly on the side of Sustainable Environment and Active Transportation.

I notice the Garbage Bin placed in-between the two bicycles currently locked in place.

It suggests to me that some thought was invested into providing Physically Distanced Bicycle Parking for Madinah Masjid’s Cyclists.


Well done.

Having picked up Madinah Masjids Hijra 1442 / 2021 Ramadan Timetable from just inside the south entrance,

I return to the front sidewalk and find no one there.

As quickly as Curb Side Iftar Pickup doorway opened and people waiting in line for their turn appeared,

It all disappeared within moments.

Last year,

During the Hard Lockdown of Ramadan 2020,

Madinah Masjid received permission to broadcast their first ever Public Adhans via loudspeaker to observe Maghrib Sunset Time.

Because Ramadan 2021 in Ontario began with Houses of Worship permitted to operate at 15% Capacity,

The context has changed and Public Adhans are not broadcast within Toronto at this time.

Unknown if this will change with the new 10 person maximum rule for Masjids in Ontario beginning on Monday.


So what exactly was the Iftar Picked up Curb Side outside Madinah Masjid ?


Very Soft Chicken Korma in the smaller container.

And OH MY ALLAH how so very tasty was the Soup in the larger container !

Halfway between Haleem and Chowder with dashes of spices that felt as if I was eating fresh fish.

I don’t know what that was, but I’m glad we saved some for later !

Alhumdulillah !

Sayeda Khadija Centre held its first Drive-Thru Iftar on Day 6 of Ramadan 2021.

We arrived shortly before the 6 p.m. Pickup start time,

but we arrived too early and had to drive around to wait a few more minutes.

It was raining lightly, though we could see blue sky working its way towards the masjid.


Parking Lot was transformed into a serpentine path marked with yellow caution tape attached to orange pylons,

Not unlike waiting in line at the Credit Union or in front of Amusement Park rides.

Our Car was the ride, name of the ride was Drive-Thru Iftar !

Dozens of Iftar Plates were placed on the table under the tent.

Moving forward towards our Iftar Pickup turn took almost no time at all.

6:01 p.m.

Cars did begin to appear and line up behind us, but everything was moving forward at a quick pace.

Volunteer asks how many Iftars are we picking up ?

Four Iftars for the Four of us inside the car.

Volunteer picks up two double bagged Iftar Dinners now earmarked for us.

We advanced a few too many steps forward but the Iftar hand-off remains flawless.

Four Iftar Dinners now picked up.

Sayeda Khadija Centre prepared 800 Iftar Dinners for today’s Drive-Thru Iftar.

The Efficiency of this Drive-Thru Iftar must be recognized.

It took all of FOUR Minutes from Entry to Iftar Pickup to Exit.


MashAllah upon all today’s volunteers at Sayeda Khadija Centre.

Everything was smooth and easy.

6:04 p.m.

Already en route home.


Time for Drive-Thru Iftar Dinner . . .


Listening to Imam Slimi during Sayeda Khadija Centre’s Pre-Iftar Lecture Livestream,

We learned that 200 Iftar Dinners were not picked up !

They were scrambling to distribute all those dinners to shelters and anywhere else quickly before sunset time.

Drive-Thru Iftars at SKC were planned for Saturdays and Sundays between 6 p.m and 7 p.m,

until further notice for the remainder of Ramadan 2021.

With so much confused messaging from the Ontario Government these past hours,

This weekend might be the last for Drive-Thru Iftars in Ontario this year.

Last year on Day 16 of Ramadan 2020,

Brother Sam Nammoura Livestreamed the First Ever Public Adhan Al Maghrib,

Call to The Prayer After Sunset,

at North-East Islamic Center / Akram Jomaa in Calgary, Alberta.

This year Sam didn’t need to wait for Day 16.

But it was still a first of its kind.

He livestreamed the following video on Day 4 / Night 5 of Ramadan 2021.

“Today the Calgary Muslim community witnessed history in the making.

Our brother RCMP Corporal Nader Khalil

calling Athan Al-Maghrib

in full uniform on Friday,

April 16th, 2021,

Ramadan 4th, 1442

at the Akram Jomaa Islamic Centre.”



“Officer Nader would you like to say something ?”


“I’m just very excited Sam.

And this is history for both the Muslim Community and the RCMP Community.

It’s never happened where a Muslim member in uniform has conducted or recited the Adhan.

So just super happy to be here and honestly this is a good day,

I’m proud to be Canadian.

It just shows the diversity of this country and the beauty of this country and we should be thankful.

Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Atheists,

Whatever faith we’re from,

We should be thankful that we live in such a beautiful country that allows us to worship in peace and in harmonies.

Thank you so much absolutely.”


“Is this a contribution ?

Is this showing the RCMP being part of the Muslim community,

or the RCMP being supportive and giving a lot of support to the Muslim community ?”


“This shows both.

 The community reached out to me.

I spoke to the community.

The RCMP was all for it.

We’re very supportive of any community that we police,

and in the end,

the police are the community and the community are the police.

We’re all one regardless of if you wear a uniform or don’t wear a uniform,

we’re all from this Canadian community and we all should be proud of that.”


“But this is very symbolic,

I don’t think it ever happened before.

Are you aware of any Muslim officer who performed Adhan ?”


“With RCMP ?

With the RCMP, No.”