Friday Khutbah | Sh. Abdullah Hakim Quick | Never Forget Masjid Alaqsa

Friday Khutbah | Sh. Abdul Wahab Saleem

The Edge of Sunset: Eid Concert Livestream performance, airs after a month of Iftar Nights celebrations for Ramadan.

This Eid Concert is a chance to celebrate the month with incredible music from incredible artists.

Join us for the hour just before Iftar for moments of laughter, reflection, and connection.

More about our intercultural celebrations for Ramada at

Artist Line Up:

Hussein Janmohamed
Maryem Tollar
Brenna MacCrimmon
Sergio Guerra
Rahaf and Esmaeel Abofakher”

Eid Mubarak!

Kullu Amin wa Antum bi Khair!

On behalf of the entire IIT community,

we wish you a most blessed Eid.

May Allah grant you acceptance of your prayers and fasting, envelop you with His mercy and continue to guide you always.

We are pleased to announce our Eid Program – which will be streamed Live, Online on all of our platforms.

Remember to recite takbir from maghrib when Ramadan ends, until the Eid al Fitr prayer

Thursday, May 13 2021

8:00 AM – Takbiraat and Greetings from our Scholars

9:00 AM – Live stream of Eid Prayer followed by Khutbah by Sh. Abdullah Hakim Quick

9:30 AM – Live Address by Mayor John Tory

9:40 AM – Community Social via Zoom – connect to share your greetings!!

10:00 AM – Drive-Thru Loot Bag pick up at 1630 Neilson Rd.”