On Good Friday 2010, I found myself in Curitiba, Brazil. I joined the congregation and performed Jumah Prayers inside Curitiba’s ONLY Masjid, Mesquita Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib (R.A.).

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Walking Toronto through its Muslim history A Sunday Jane’s Walk will take participants through the west end, touring the site of city’s first mosque and other Islamic touchstones.

Each picture in this Collection of 49 Photographs was captured by Brampton Based Professional Photographer, Herman Custodio.

The History of Muslims in Toronto – A Special December Jane’s Walk took place on Sunday December 20 2015.

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A STEP BACK IN TIME - Walking Toronto through its Muslim history - By Sarah-Joyce Battersby - Toronto Star Touch - December 19 2015

HUGE THANKS to Toronto Star Writer, Sarah-Joyce Battersby and her team, Photographer Chris So and Digital Cartographer José Ongpin, for producing such an elegant Interactive Tablet News Story on Star Touch about Sunday’s Jane’s Walk!!

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The muggers who attacked a woman outside her son’s school, yelling “Go back to your country,” need a geography lesson, according to HiMY SYeD.

More than one million Muslims call Canada home, eight per cent of Torontonians practice Islam, and if by country they meant neighbourhood, that would be the Junction.

“We have fifth-generation Torontonians who happen to be Muslim descent, Muslim heritage. They’ve been here 50, 60, 70 years,” he said of the west-end neighbourhood’s Islamic roots.

Sarah-Joyce Battersby, Toronto Star, December 18 2015

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Lately, when it comes to Muslims in the News locally in Toronto or regionally in Peterborough, Ontario, it appears there’s a lack of understanding of Canadian Muslims by any number of fellow Canadians.

Yet, there’s also an earnest appetite to learn more about The Muslims of Toronto and our Community’s history.

To satiate such sincere hunger for knowledge, I will be leading the following Jane’s Walk:

The History of Muslims in Toronto – A Special December Jane’s Walk

TIME: Sunday December 20, 2015 – 11:00 a.m.

MEETING POINT: Runnymede TTC Subway Station Main Entrance.

WALK LEADER: I’ll be wearing a Green Jacket holding a Jane’s Walk sign.

Please help get the word and as important…

Join This Special Jane’s Walk!

See YOU on December 20th, and Thank You!

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"It's Packed" - Photo by Michal Hay

“It’s Packed” – Photo by Michal Hay

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Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International
1168 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Saturday December 5 2015, 7 – 9 pm

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The Beth Israel Synagogue opened its doors today to the Al-Salaam Muslim congregation which was displaced by a fire that closed its mosque.

Jesse Thomas has the story.

CHEX TV, Friday November 27 2015

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United Together - Hosting the People of Peterborough - Islamic Institute of Toronto - Saturday November 21 2015

On Saturday evening, The Islamic Institute of Toronto hosted The People of Peterborough for a night of Support, Discussion and Community Building.

The multi-faith event was a show of Canadian solidarity against the Hate Crime of Arson at Kawartha Muslim Religious Association‘s Masjid Al-Salaam in Peterborough.

A representative cross-section of the wider Canadian community turned out as you may see from their images and words live-tweeted during the event…

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