After Jumah Prayers in Medellín, Colombia I introduced myself to Young Brother Abdullah.

He is 18 years old, Colombian, and being from Medellín, makes him a real Paisa. Which is how local residents in this city self-identify.

Abdullah embraced Islam at the age of 13.

He learned of Islam from Sister Rania, a Muslim family friend.

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This is Brother Ahmed, he normally delivers The Jumah Qhutbah, The Friday Sermon, in Medellín’s only Masjid.

He wasn’t here last week, yet Alhumdulillah, Praise be to God-Alone, I was able to somewhat follow along in his mixing of Arabic and Spanish to get a gist of what his message was for this week.

Perhaps you might feel the same watching and listening. InshAllah!

Here are some images from my Second Jumah here in Medellín, Colombia…

Brother Abdul Haq Founder of Medellin's First Masjid looks back at the Photographer as i take this photo Friday March 28 2014
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Mariana asking and learning about Muslim Community in Medellin Colombia from Brother Abdul Haq inside Masjid after Salat al Jumah Friday Prayers 2014-03-21-50031

Mariana asking and learning about Muslim Community of Medellín, Colombia from Brother Abdul Haq after Salat al Jumah. She is writing her Senior Thesis about the Muslims here.

As first, I assumed this young woman in a headscarf was a Muslim Sister, perhaps a newer Muslim who had embraced Islam locally?

I would learn she is a Student researching Islam and Muslims for her Senior Thesis.

Mariana has been present in Medellín’s only Masjid each Friday for the past several weeks. Salat al Jumah is really the only time Muslim Sisters are ever at the masjid. Hence, her research is taking a bit longer than one may think.

We ended up interviewing each other. Me for her research paper, and her for this 30Masjids blog post.

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AsalamAlayKum from Medellín, Colombia!

I came here ahead of the Seventh World Urban Forum happening April 5-11, 2014.

In 2010, I attended the Fifth World Urban Forum held in Rio De Janerio, Brazil.

Both of the Muslim Communities I found in Rio De Janeiro and Medellín share some similarities:

  • Both have about 100 Muslim families in total in a city of millions
  • Both cities only have the single Masjid.
  • Each city’s masjid are open for only part of the day, usually Maghrib and Isha prayers

InshAllah, a much longer story will be posted about this fascinating city and its Muslim story to date, including an interview with the founder of the First Masjid in Medellín, Colombia, Brother Abdul Haq!

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Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel front door 2014-03-16-49213

I am en route ultimately to Medellín, Colombia several weeks ahead of the Seventh World Urban Forum

If I could have, I would have prayer in the Chapel at Pearson International Airport. However the plane left Toronto before Maghrib Sunset Time, and I decided to not pray while in flight.

Originally, I decided that once I arrive in Florida, that is where I could catch up my Sunset and Night Prayer as this connection in Charlotte, North Carolina was too short to risk taking a few minutes break to pray.

Upon arriving in Charlotte Douglass Airport, my connecting flight was delayed about 40 minutes. Alhumdullilah, I could pray and InshAllah arrive in Florida having completed even my Isha Prayers on time.

A quick look at the CLT airport map and the Chapel was easy enough to locate. It’s on the second floor in the middle of the Terminal connecting all the gates. To find it, immediately go up the stairs where it says USO. Walk left, and there on the first corner on your right, is the Multi-Faith Chapel.

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Hii, so we decided to go out a day before Eid and spread the LOVE that we always spread with each other on Eid with the Public! We want the world to know what Eid is all about:) So many people LOVED it and were so happy how it brought a lot of people together. Hope you all enjoyed the video and spread the LOVE not only on Eid but everyday! Happy Eid! and much LOVE to all the people who aren’t Muslim and still wish us a Happy Eid! much LOVE!


Was looking forward to listening to Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick as I expected his Qhutbah to be excellent, and, Alhumdulillah, it was!

This Eid al Adha Sermon touched upon the Canadian Census Numbers counting the nation’s first Muslims in 1871 right down to the most recent numbers and where the Muslims will be in Canada by 2030. And what all that means.

Abdullah Hakim’s Eid Sermon wrapped up with a very workable 10 point manifesto on how to be Contributing Canadians as we venture forth to the year 2030, when we’re expected to make up a full 5% of the Canadian Population.

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As usual, Alhumdulillah, I arrived very early at the Eid Prayer location and was able to secure the first best spot, right behind the Imam in the first row… And this year, that meant I would be praying behind Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick, who I had grown up praying behind when he was the Imam of Jami Mosque.

However, I couldn’t immediately physically place my own cloth prayer mat in “my” spot just yet.

In recent years, I would immediately lay my own prayer mat atop giant unrolled cardboard mats. This morning, upon arriving this early, I didn’t immediately think anything was out of the ordinary as I walked around a giant empty floor inside the Direct Energy Centre, minus any sign of cardboard.

01 - GTA Eid Al Adha Prayer Direct Energy Centre before Carboard Mats placed

Well… there was a problem.

At the last minute on Monday Evening, the regular cardboard mat supplier bailed out, leaving MAC Volunteers scrambling for replacements.

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By Madiha | Guest Blog Post

I met Himy last year at the Jane’s Walk picnic for volunteers and learned many things during our interesting conversation.

When he asked me to share about my experience of fasting, I hesitated because I am not nearly as observant as him nor other guests on this site.

He wanted me to say something anyway and now that I have stumbled upon this website again, I feel compelled to share my experience.
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