West Windsor Musallah south view of 3330 Bloomfield Road, Windsor Ontario, Saturday July 21 2013

One of the last places to visit before leaving this part of Ontario is the West Windsor Musallah.

Looking it up on line, you will quickly find the address listed as 3330 Bloomfield Road. Finding the actual Musallah however, may take much longer than a quick search engine look-up…
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Adhan Al Jumah Friday Call to Prayer Noor E Islam Madressah Windsor - Friday July 19 2013

It’s the first Jumah of Ramadan 2013.

It is incredibly hot right now across South Western Ontario, not quite unbearable, but up there.

Instead of opting for the city’s main masjid, the Windsor Islamic Association, I walked the very few blocks from where I am staying to Noor E Islam for today’s Friday Prayers.
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Noor-e-Islam Madressah and Cultural Centre 747 Lincoln Road Windsor Monday July 15 2013

After arriving in Windsor on Via Rail from Chatham, I walked to Noor-e-Islam Madressah and Cultural Centre at 747 Lincoln Road in the Walkerville neighbourhood.

It was mid-afternoon in-between Dhuhr and Asr. Being a small prayer space, understandably it was locked at this time of day.

Noor E Islam Madressah and Cultural Centre Front Door 747 Lincoln Road, Windsor Monday July 15 2013

I returned a couple days later around Asr time and stayed for Iftar and Taraweeh.

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Taraweeh Prayers for remain 12 Rakats after 8 Rakats and Witr in Rose City Islamic Centre Masjid Monday July 15 2013

On the east side of Windsor near a neighbourhood dubbed FordVille, the Muslim Association of Canada operates a Community Centre for the general public. It’s dubbed the Rose City Islamic Centre.

Within the RCIC on the ground floor, are wudu facilities and a complete masjid opened for all five daily prayers including Jumah on Fridays.
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Elmwood Avenue and Prince Street North, Chatham - Sunday July 14 2013

Darul Uloom Canada, Chatham Ontario - Sunday July 14 2013

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Chatham Sign - This is a 911 Community - Library - Saturday July 13 2013

Welcome Enjoy Chatham-Kent Saturday July 13 2013

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Fajr at Bosnian Canadian Islamic Centre 41 Holborn Avenue, London - Saturday July 13 2012

Before leaving London for Chatham, there was one Masjid I had yet to visit.

The Bosnian Canadian Islamic Centre is located at 41 Holborn Avenue.

I gather many people just call it the Holborn Mosque, which is also how to find it on the internet: HolbornMosque.com.
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London Muslim Mosque sisters prayer space carpet point of view photo by Aksa Mahmood for 30 Masjids Friday July 12 2012

By Aksa Mahmood, London

The London Muslim Mosque located in London, Ontario was founded in 1955. As one of the oldest Mosques nationwide, it has provided a spiritual place to many Londoners over the years.

Being the fourth generation of my family to attend the London Muslim Mosque, I remember the spirit of my Great-Grandfather and his involvement with and also love for this community.

Over the years, that feeling has been passed down to all of us.
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