We had to wait until the second half of Ramadan 2021,

For IIT to host their First Drive-Thru Iftar of the year.

This is technically IIT’s Second Annual Drive-Thru Cupcake pickup too!

Gates would open at 5 p.m.

We arrived a dozen minutes early.

Incidentally we pre-ordered a dozen cupcakes.

We were the third car in what became a line of cars along southbound curb lane of Nielson Road.


IIT organized and executed well.

Volunteer at the front gate directed drivers into one of two queues in separate areas of the parking lot.

One queue for Pre-Ordered Cupcake Pick Ups,

Second queue for Drive-Thru Iftar only Pick Up.

Before entering into the smaller parking area where the pick ups happen . . .

This volunteer brother informed us where to park if we were also making monetary donations to IIT today.

I believe it was Brother Fareed Amin who greeted us and confirmed our Cupcake pre-order at the first set of open doors.

Unlike Ramadan 2020’s Cupcake Drive-Thru,

Instead of one Large Plastic Container holding 12 Cupcakes,

And a smaller size Plastic Container holding 6 Cupcakes,

IIT only used the smaller six space Cupcake holders this year.

This allowed flexibility in mixing and matching multiples of 6,

Of all Chocolate, all Vanilla, or one of each like our pre-order of 12 Cupcakes.

Any mathematician will recognize this decision as wise.

The second set of open doors were for Iftar Pickup.

Which was quick, with two Iftars per paper bag.

Also wise ?

The portion size of the Biryani Chicken, with Tender Beef hidden inside the rice (!)

Just enough food but not too much.

IIT’s Drive-Thru Iftar was Balanced.


وَإِذْ يَمْكُرُ بِكَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا لِيُثْبِتُوكَ أَوْ يَقْتُلُوكَ أَوْ يُخْرِجُوكَ وَيَمْكُرُونَ وَيَمْكُرُ اللَّهُ وَاللَّهُ خَيْرُ الْمَاكِرِين




˹remember, O Prophet,˺

when the disbelievers conspired to capture,


or exile you.

They planned,

but Allah also planned.

And Allah is the best of planners.”

—  Surah Al-Anfal, The Spoils of War,
Chapter 8: Verse 30 in The Holy Qur’an



Disbelievers who are PLOTTING to KILL US using the Corona Virus.

KILL US  by creating an  ILLEGAL  COVID-19 Super Spreader event.





May 1, 2021 | Ramadan 19, 1442 AH

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Abundant Peace, Blessings and Salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

We, at the Canadian Muslim COVID-19 Task Force, supported by the National Council of Canadian Muslims,

the Muslim Council of Peel,

the Muslim Medical Association of Canada,

and the Canadian Council of Imams

have reviewed an announcement circulating within our communities regarding a gathering labelled as “Proper Eid Prayer” being organized in Mississauga, Ontario,

in contravention of public health orders.

This event threatens the health and well-being of Muslims

and is

apparently being hosted by a group with a non-Muslim leadership and notorious anti-masker conspiracy theorists.

One of the key articles of our faith is the preservation of life.

Our rich history has a clear precedent of quarantine measures,

restricting mobility during plagues,

taking vaccines and deferring to health experts amidst a health crisis.

We are proud of our Canadian faith leaders and community members as they continue to lead the way in keeping our homes,


communities and country safe by following all public health directives.

At the same time we are in great distress as our essential workers and racialized community members,

especially within the region of Peel,

continue to disproportionately pay the ultimate price during this deadly third wave.

We suspect that some media agencies may take this opportunity to report on this call for the defiance of public health orders.

As a measure of caution,

we highly recommend they do their research,

do not re-share information that propagates falsehoods

and identify this group’s call for what it is – a non-Muslim led, anti-mask, anti-lockdown gathering.



The UNSANCTIONED Eid Al Fitr Gathering advertising looks like this :

( minus the red I scratched out )

IGNORE THE ABOVE ADVERTISING wherever you find it.




“The masjid is the heart of a healthy,

vibrant and cohesive community.

It’s the spiritual core,

facilitating imaan and allowing us to get close to Allah (SWT).


It also serves to build a healthy community,

where social justice and empowerment can be fostered.

Help us complete the last renovation project and get the reward of everyone you house and shelter under the house of Allah.

You can send your donation via:


Or E-Transfer to admin@khalidmosque.com

May Allah accept your fasting,

your prayers,

your recitation of the Quran and your Sadaqah in this blessed month.”

No Eid Prayers in the Park Planned Says Muslim Council of Peel


April 30, 2021 – Given the current stay at home order expiring on May 19, 2021,

the Muslim community will be observing its Eid celebrations at home.

There are no gatherings planned in Islamic Centres or in outdoor parks or facilities.

The Muslim Council of Peel maintains that we have a duty to abide by the laws and regulations under this emergency order and are committed to ensuring everyone’s safety and well-being.

We encourage all Muslims to safely celebrate within their households.

Do not participate in any gatherings organized in violation of the stay-at-home order.

Do not promote participation in any such advertised gatherings.

The President of the Muslim Council of Peel,

Imam Ibrahim Hindy said:

“We are not organizing any outstanding park event to celebrate Eid.

We do not encourage anyone to attend any such event.”


Rabia Khedr, MCP Board Member

On Day 15 of Ramadan 2021,

MAC ICCO opened online Vaccination Popup Clinic Registration.

All 7,000 Appointments were filled in less than 2 hours.


Islamic Community Centre of Ontario Vaccine Clinic is all set up and ready to receive clients . . .

Many of those registered are Muslims living in Mississauga and Brampton.


With the Provincial Stay-at-Home order still in effect and Houses of Worship in Ontario currently limited to only 10 people inside at any one time,

This Vaccination Clinic may the only time many of Peel Region’s Muslims will be able to spend any time at all inside a Msjid.


This might be your only chance to make intention for Iʿtikāf ( اعتكاف ) inside a masjid during this second Pandemic Ramadan!

Welcome to Islamic Community Centre of Ontario.


Normally a Masjid, transformed these days into a Pop Up Vaccination Clinic.

Where you show up with your Vaccine Booking information to sign in and be directed to a Vaccine Station.

The Vaccine Station where you sit beside a trained vaccine doser and get the jab.

These are the physically distanced chairs you sit in for the full 15 minutes after you get your first dose.

A safety precaution.

Most people feel fine after getting their first vaccine jab in their upper arm.

This is where Muslims have an opportunity for Dhikr, The Remembrance of Allah SWT, inside a Masjid this Ramadan.

Make those minutes count !

The Canadian Muslim COVID-19 Task Force presents

Nationwide Khutbah Campaign


To Increase Vaccine Confidence


A unified Friday Sermon message in all masajid across Canada

Friday April 30 2021



Data from the U.K., South Africa, USA, and even Canada, shows that ethno-racialized communities, which include many Muslims, have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Although vaccine rollouts have started, some Muslims are hesitant to take the vaccine due to misinformation or attention-grabbing headlines that have not allowed risks to be contextualized.


Muslim healthcare professionals and Islamic scholars from North America and Europe have verified the ingredients and issued statements affirming their safety, effectiveness and permissibility.


We have a collective duty towards those who are vulnerable and to protect our community.

That’s the prophetic way.


There are many educational, advocacy, and social support services established by and for Canadian Muslims.

Please visit the CMCTF website for COVID-19 related resources and information.



Imam Dr. Hamid Slimi recently received his COVID-19 vaccine at a vaccination clinic in Mississauga.

He has some great advice for the community about getting vaccinated during the month of Ramadan.”

Region of Peel

“Ramadan 1442 is going to be another different Ramadan but a positive one.

Many of our Muslim community members are asking if they can take the vaccination when fasting.


you can.

It doesn’t feed you and it doesn’t quench your thirst.

If you feel dizzy,

which is rare,

and you cannot control your body,

then you are allowed to break your fast.

It is a priority so I would encourage you to take the vaccine.

We pray that you have a wonderful experience and that you keep the memories of this Ramadan for many years to come.

Enjoy it and make the best of it.”

Imam Dr. Hamid Slimi

“I’m missing masjid days,

masjid praise

I’m missing aunties and uncles with all their masjid slays

I’m missing sisters and brothers

I’m missing lovin’ each other

I’m missing all around town,

mega family and cousins

I’m missing leg fall asleep at the khutbah

After Eid prayers

barbecues and the cookouts

Ramadan feasts is when everybody hood out

Giving all this charity

so we can throw some good out

I’m talking Qur’an class on the weekends

Aunties in the kitchen making sure we get that feed in

Everybody’s daddy was my uncle for no reason

Chillin’ on the brothers side,

so young enough to sneak in

Or so we thought it

Happy Ramadan”

Aint Afraid

“Hey MSA family!

Executive member and social media manager of the Black Chapter,

Gabby Spencer,

fasts for a day!

Find out how her first day of fasting went as well as her feelings and reflections!

Truly a very admirable and amazing young lady 💙✨”


“Hey MSA family!

Student executive leader of Jack Chapter,

Annie Cameron and member Naomi Cameron,

fast for a day!

Find out how their first day of fasting went as well as their feelings and reflections!

These young ladies are stunning inside and out💙✨”