Day 0 / Night 1 – Negative Moonsighting due to Cloud Cover – Brampton, Ontario, Canada

AsalamAlay Everybody,

On this Friday Evening, April 1 2022,

There is overcast sky covering the entire Toronto Metropolitan Area.

Nevertheless, after praying Maghrib I still went out and looked for the New Crescent.

I could not see it because of complete cloud cover.

This is a Negative Moonsighting Report from Brampton, Ontario, Canada on Friday April 1 2022.

Ramadan ( Almost ) Mubarak to All !



Elsewhere . . . :


Mr Syed Shahid Rashid from San Diego, CA reported:

On April 1, 2022, Hilal was seen with optical aid only.

I am in direct contact with brothers who have been able to sight with optical aid only.

Dr. Farooq Rahman and Mufti Shakeeb with 15+ people spotted the moon with aid from Mount Laguna that is 4000 feet above ground.

Nobody was able to see without aid as Dr. Rahman reported to me.”

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