We first met Ziyaad Mia, Founder and Project Co-ordinator of the Give 30 Project (@Give_30), last year on the last day of Ramadan 2013.

30 Masjids reached out to Brother Ziyaad for an update and he readily agreed.

We caught up with him after Jumah Prayers on this Third Friday of Ramadan 2014 at the Bosnian Islamic Centre in South Etobicoke. Meeting in BIC also fulfilled my requisite annual Ramadan visit to this Masjid from my childhood.
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Shaikh Abdool Hamid delivers Islamic Reminders on Mondays and Wednesdays in Masjid Toronto after the Dhuhr/Mid-Day Prayer.

Today’s Reminder was how best to work through the Last Ten Nights of Ramadan.

THE NATIONAL | JULY 15, 2014 | 8:54

Ramadan: Long Summer Fast


Young Muslims observing Ramadan are using creative ways to battle their cravings.

Isha and Taraweeh - Gateway Public School - 55 Gateway Boulevard, Flemingdon Park, North York - 005

Tonight was a TOTAL Surprise!

My brother Amir and I were on the Bus heading downtown to an as-yet-to-be-decided Isha and Taraweeh location. Looking out the bus window, we suddenly spot a young Topi-Clad brother in the posture of calling the Adhan through a Gymnasium window in the Public School we were passing.

Having suddenly discovered a new Isha and Taraweeh prayer space, Amir immediately encouraged me to hop off the bus with the intent to experience it and write it up for 30Masjids with a single word, “Go!”.

So I did.
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THE NATIONAL | JULY 12, 2014 | 2:25

Observing Ramadan in Canada’s North


CBC’s Shaun Malley looks at how some Muslims are keeping the faith in Iqaluit, where there is no mosque and where the sun rises at 3 a.m. and doesn’t set until almost 11 p.m.

Što Te Nema? (Why Are You Not Here?)

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I’ve been editing and re-editing this blog post, but it just ain’t coming together the way it deserves and needs to be. So for the moment, until I can sit down properly somewhere to go at it again, InshAllah, and re-do this entry, this temporary placeholder paragraph is it. Gathered are tweets and photos and a couple of videos plus audio of the Jumah Qhutbah. The one thing I want to at least mention right now, is that 30Masjids visited Khalid Mosque during Ramadan 2012. Back then, I wrote about their Janaza/Funeral facilities for Muslims in this part of the city and how vital that was. I could not have imagined two Ramadans later, I would be attending a Janaza here on this day, and struggling to write about Abshir Hassan, a school teacher who was gunned down.
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Shaikh Abdool Hamid delivers Islamic Reminders on Mondays and Wednesdays in Masjid Toronto after the Dhuhr/Mid-Day Prayer.

Today’s Reminder was about the Validity of Qur’an as Revelation, in the Month of The Qur’an, Ramadan.

Pape Cami - Preparing Iftar Dinner Tables - Back of Main Prayer Area

Received the following email…

from: Hana
to: HiMY
date: 6 July 2014 18:52
subject: Family friendly mosque

Salam. I stumbled across your blog ( I really like the concept!)

I am hoping you might know… Are there any mosques in Toronto, north York, Scarborough, thornhill in which iftaar and dinner is family friendly.. Meaning men and women sit together.

I know noor cultural centre does it, though not everyday. Thought?



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Iftar and Lecture Program, Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ramadan 2014Each Saturday in the Month of Ramadan, The Islamic Institute of Toronto hosts an Iftar and Lecture Program.

I wrote about IIT at length on Day 6 of 30Masjids in 2011.

Then, like today, I came to hear Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick (@HakimQuick)’s Lecture before the Iftar, and again it was time well spent.

His lecture had breadth and depth weaving into it many threads:

  • Marking Canada Day and reminding us that Muslims were present at Canada’s Founding
  • Aboriginal Concept of Niskam in The Mi’kmaq Nation in Newfoundland and similarities with Islam
  • Instinct in Migratory Birds and how they fly to the same trees year after year
  • Why Fasting is not in vain, rather it is a Mercy on the Human Being
  • Using Handheld devices during the Month of Ramadan

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320 Dixon Road Jumah Friday July 4 2014

For this First Friday of Ramadan 2014, I wanted to tie up a lose end from Ramadan 2012.

Back then, I prayed Asr in the Dixon Musallah at 340 Dixon Road.

There, I learned that Jumah was performed in a much larger space next door at 320 Dixon Road in the underground parking lot. I made the effort to make it out there and alhumdulillah, was finally able to so.

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This is Darul Khair Islamic Center which 30Masjids visited on Day 18 of Ramadan back in 2012.
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