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Observing Ramadan in Canada’s North


CBC’s Shaun Malley looks at how some Muslims are keeping the faith in Iqaluit, where there is no mosque and where the sun rises at 3 a.m. and doesn’t set until almost 11 p.m.

Što Te Nema? (Why Are You Not Here?)

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I’ve been editing and re-editing this blog post, but it just ain’t coming together the way it deserves and needs to be. So for the moment, until I can sit down properly somewhere to go at it again, InshAllah, and re-do this entry, this temporary placeholder paragraph is it. Gathered are tweets and photos and a couple of videos plus audio of the Jumah Qhutbah. The one thing I want to at least mention right now, is that 30Masjids visited Khalid Mosque during Ramadan 2012. Back then, I wrote about their Janaza/Funeral facilities for Muslims in this part of the city and how vital that was. I could not have imagined two Ramadans later, I would be attending a Janaza here on this day, and struggling to write about Abshir Hassan, a school teacher who was gunned down.
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Shaikh Abdool Hamid delivers Islamic Reminders on Mondays and Wednesdays in Masjid Toronto after the Dhuhr/Mid-Day Prayer.

Today’s Reminder was about the Validity of Qur’an as Revelation, in the Month of The Qur’an, Ramadan.

Pape Cami - Preparing Iftar Dinner Tables - Back of Main Prayer Area

Received the following email…

from: Hana
to: HiMY
date: 6 July 2014 18:52
subject: Family friendly mosque

Salam. I stumbled across your blog ( I really like the concept!)

I am hoping you might know… Are there any mosques in Toronto, north York, Scarborough, thornhill in which iftaar and dinner is family friendly.. Meaning men and women sit together.

I know noor cultural centre does it, though not everyday. Thought?



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Iftar and Lecture Program, Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ramadan 2014Each Saturday in the Month of Ramadan, The Islamic Institute of Toronto hosts an Iftar and Lecture Program.

I wrote about IIT at length on Day 6 of 30Masjids in 2011.

Then, like today, I came to hear Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick (@HakimQuick)’s Lecture before the Iftar, and again it was time well spent.

His lecture had breadth and depth weaving into it many threads:

  • Marking Canada Day and reminding us that Muslims were present at Canada’s Founding
  • Aboriginal Concept of Niskam in The Mi’kmaq Nation in Newfoundland and similarities with Islam
  • Instinct in Migratory Birds and how they fly to the same trees year after year
  • Why Fasting is not in vain, rather it is a Mercy on the Human Being
  • Using Handheld devices during the Month of Ramadan

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320 Dixon Road Jumah Friday July 4 2014

For this First Friday of Ramadan 2014, I wanted to tie up a lose end from Ramadan 2012.

Back then, I prayed Asr in the Dixon Musallah at 340 Dixon Road.

There, I learned that Jumah was performed in a much larger space next door at 320 Dixon Road in the underground parking lot. I made the effort to make it out there and alhumdulillah, was finally able to so.

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This is Darul Khair Islamic Center which 30Masjids visited on Day 18 of Ramadan back in 2012.
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