Day 21 – Partial Reopening Announcement – MAC Centre Vancouver – Muslim Association of Canada – 2122 Kingsway



All praise to Allah (swt) Who Has bestowed upon us His mercy.

As you may be aware the BC government announced its plan for easing COVID-19 restrictions.

After consulting relevant authorities and following the new regulations,

The management board of the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) – Vancouver Centre is pleased to announce the reopening of the Centre for the Jumuaa, Isha and Taraweeh nightly Ramadan congregational prayer starting Saturday May 16th, 2020/Ramadan 23rd, 1441 insha’Allah.”

Booking Salat Attendance at MAC Centre

“Giving the limited attendance numbers suggested by BC government,

We ask our Muslim community for help to smooth entrance and attendance of salat at MAC Centre.

Please book your attendance by visiting main page of

or clicking the link .

Bring your booking ticket when arriving at MAC centre.

The attendance is limited to healthy adult men and women from 15 to 60 year old.

No children or youth below 15 years or seniors above 60 years will be allowed.”

Ishaa and Taraweeh Prayer

“Dr Muhtaz Mansurey

We are blessed to have Dr Muhtaz Mansurey with us for the rest of Ramadan.

We ask Allah to accept his good deeds for joining us in a short notice.”

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