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30 MORE | Day 31 – Twitter Moment : Muslims, Eid, & Trinity-Bellwoods Park . . .

30 MORE | Twitter Thread : “A system of legal pluralism means multiple properly reasoned opinions with different outcomes can each be equally valid. Islamic law is amazing that way. Unity is not uniformity.” — By Namira Islam Anani

30 MORE | Twitter Thread : “Ertugrul is the only TV show which demonstrates how we can actually live based on Islamic principles.” — By Mustafa Mir

30 MORE | Twitter Thread : “Eid tips for extroverts who may be struggling this year.” — By Shagufta Pasta

30 MORE | Twitter Thread : “When a male recites the Qur’an everyone praises it and has something positive to say, but when a female recites, they remain quiet. There is silence.” — By Madinah Javed – #FemaleReciters Campaign

30 MORE | Twitter Thread : “The Muslim soundtrack is a male one. It has been for as long as I have a memory and for as vastly as I have travelled this world (and that is vast).” — Fazeela Selberg Zaib – #FemaleReciters

30 MORE | Twitter Thread : “Basically, this is @TarekFatah explained.” — By Mubin Shaikh

30 MORE | Twitter Thread : “It seems three weeks, once an evening for less than five minutes – for the first time ever – is too much to ask.” — By Ahmed Minhas

30 MORE | VIDEO – Twitter Thread : “On my way to join the women’s mukabela, and for the first time in my life, I heard a woman’s voice emanating from the loudspeakers of a mosque (Hadžijska džamija).” — By Madinah Javed – #FemaleReciters Campaign

30 MORE | Twitter Thread : “What effect Ramadan will have on the health of Muslims in the midst of SARS-COV-2 Pandemic.” — Dr Waheed Khan

30 MORE | Twitter Thread : #RamadanMealsTO – Downtown Toronto Free Ramadan Iftar Meals Program — By Walied Khogali Ali