Day 23 – VIDEO – Drive-Thru Cupcake Pickup – IIT – Islamic Institute of Toronto – 1630 Neilson Road – Scarborough


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Orders due May 10. Contactless drive through. Made to order only.

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Drive-Thru Cupcake Pickup at the Double Eye Tee !

1630 Neilson Road in Scarborough is where the Cupcakes are.

First you see is a “CLOSED” sign, the second thing you see is the Canadian Flag.

Islamic Institute of Toronto.

Kind of expected a rush, yet there is no rush, no line up of cars.

Brother Fareed Amin welcomes us then directs us to where the Cupcakes are.

Contactless Cupcake picking upping.

Eid Mubarak !

Cupcakes  and  one Free Iftar courtesy of Penny Appeal ? . . . Free Iftar !

Eyes on the prize . . .

Elected Official Shaun Chen has donated a package of Masks for each Cupcake Picker upper !

Very nice.

Mask are Much Appreciated Shaun Chen !

The volunteers offered to put the Cupcakes and that Free Iftar in our car’s trunk, keeping everything contactless.


Hi mom.

Eid Mubarak.

And then it’s Cupcake pickup time for people in the car behind us.

Thank you. Come again.

This was different. I don’t properly recall this unpaved parking area immediately north of the building.

I don’t remember that was this second gate here.

This second northside gate certainly is useful when the IIT becomes busy.

“Ramadan Kareem & Blessed Eid!”

“Thanks to our frontline workers.
Stay safe!”

Bye Bye Eye Eye Tee . . .


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These look perfect! Thank you IIT!! #cupcakedrive #iit #cupcakes #dessert

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