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30 MORE | Day 19 – Twitter Thread : “At Yale University, Verses of the Qur’an engraved on the façade of the Sterling Memorial Library.” — By Madinah Javed

30 MORE | Twitter Thread : “When a male recites the Qur’an everyone praises it and has something positive to say, but when a female recites, they remain quiet. There is silence.” — By Madinah Javed – #FemaleReciters Campaign

30 MORE | Twitter Thread : “The Muslim soundtrack is a male one. It has been for as long as I have a memory and for as vastly as I have travelled this world (and that is vast).” — Fazeela Selberg Zaib – #FemaleReciters

30 MORE | VIDEO – Twitter Thread : “On my way to join the women’s mukabela, and for the first time in my life, I heard a woman’s voice emanating from the loudspeakers of a mosque (Hadžijska džamija).” — By Madinah Javed – #FemaleReciters Campaign

30 MORE | VIDEO – “Connecting to the Qur’an in Ramadan” – Hosted by Julie Siddiqi