. . . having left Masjid Qurtabah at 10:18 p.m. as the Muezzin was in the middle of performing Adhan Al Isha, the Night Call to Prayer, I have travelled on bike 12 minutes and am arriving in front of Jame Masjid Huzaifah.

As I begin slowing down, the Muezzin here is in the middle perform his Adhan Al Isha. Huzaifah begins praying at 10:30 p.m.

It is as if nothing was lost. I hadn’t skipped a beat.

I lock my bike to the only spot that is ready available, the sign in front of the Masjid.

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Masjid Qurtabah is located in back of North American Muslim Foundation (NAMF) at 4140 Finch Avenue East in the Agincourt area of Scarborough. One enters it through a side entrance.

Today is Day 9 of Ramadan 2012. The second big Saturday. Every Masjid Iftar location will be hopping in hosting their BIG Community Iftar.

This is the weekend many organizations double down and host speakers or make it a fundraising event addressing a captive audience between Asr and Maghrib before Iftar.

Tonight, NAMF hosts a Lecture titled  Countering Islamophobia in Canada.  That title more than anything else is what drew me here.

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Masjid Khalid bin Al-Walid or simply Khalid Mosque, which doubles as their twitter handle (@KhalidMosque), is pretty much known by everybody in the wider Muslim Community.

They are located at 16 Bethridge Road, immediately west of Kipling Avenue, in the Etobicoke North neighbourhood of Rexdale.

I easily reached it after leaving the Bosnian Islamic Centre on bike, turned right on Kipling, cycled for about an hour, then turned left at Bethridge.

People know where this masjid is even if they never have been here. One may assume they are known because it was one of the first Big Somali masjids. That wouldn’t begin to tell the story.

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The Story of Turkish Tiles by Tevfik Baba

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The Bosnian Islamic Centre is only a few blocks east of the Canadian Sufi Cultural Centre.

Being between Jumah and Asr, the time was perfect to make my Annual Pilgrimage to South Etobicoke, as I wrote last year.
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The previous Saturday on Day 2, Tevfik Baba invited me for Jumah Prayers.

Alhumdulillah, I biked from Downtown Toronto and arrived in time at the Sufi Centre to take some photographs that weren’t possible earlier.

We read Jumah Friday Prayers, then hung around for a while.

By the end of my Jumah in the Sufi Centre there was possiblity of three–not just one–blog posts.

This first post will only be a few photographs and something of the Khutbah.

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Day 7 was the first day of 30 Masjids Ramadan 2012 that I left the area code.

It was also the first time this year I didn’t break fast inside a Masjid.

Uh Oh. 30 Masjids 2012 technically just became. . .  31 Masjids.

SeekersHub Toronto isn’t a Masjid. It’s an Islamic Learning Centre.

SeekersHub Toronto isn’t in Toronto. It’s in Mississauga . . .

Unit 10, 2355 Royal Windsor Drive, Clarkson.

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Masjidur Rahmah.

328 Parliament Street, a few doors and one laneway north of Dundas Street East in Regent Park.

This is where I tried to break fast on Day 1, yet it took until tonight to do so…

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Day 7 – SeekersHub Toronto


@ Been wanting to include @ during this year's @ GTA Ramadan tour. Friday evening good or is Tonight better?
@ @ Tonight better... 8 pm mawlid, then Iftar, lesson, then Isha/Tarawih...
Faraz Rabbani
@ InshAllah, will make best effort to be at @ for Asr and stay til the end. #30Masjids
@ note that @ is a learning centre, not a formal mosque -- not open for all prayers... Will open around 7.30 tonight
Faraz Rabbani


It’s Tuesday. Day 5.

I’ve ended up breaking fast in one masjid and praying Isha plus Taraweeh in another.

My intention was to break fast and stay for the full Taraweeh prayers in one of the Regent Park Masjids which didn’t work out back on Day 1.

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After an hour of unrushed cycling, I am in front of Masjid Al-Qalam, Al-Qalam Islamic Community Center in North York.

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Masjid Al Jannah, The Sri Lanka Islamic Foundation of Ontario (@SLIFO_CA).

They are located at 2201 Ellesmere Road, immediately east of Markham Road in Scarborough.

This masjid was on my list to visit as I had heard about it but had yet to visit it.

All it took were a few tweets back and forth with Hifaz Mahusoon (@hifaz_m) and this became the first Scarborough stop for 30 Masjids this year.

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Cycling along Queen Street West.

A number of stop lights ago, I passed Hamza Masjid in Parkdale. Hamza is where I broke fast last year on Day 2 in Ramadan 2011.

Reaching Roncesvalles Avenue, which many consider the border between Parkdale and High Park neighbourhoods, the light is red. It’s the first one encountered on this bike ride. Standing at the corner, a Buddhist Monk also waits for the light to change.

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A Muslim nerd is excited for the new Dark Knight movie–but it releases on the first night of Ramadan.

a 30 Days Ramadan production

featuring Aman Ali (& his mom)
directed by Musa Syeed
shot by Omar Mullick

This video is a Co‐Production of 30 Mosques, LLC and Independent Television Service, Inc. (ITVS), with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting