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Salamu Aleykum Br. Himy,

NMA Inc. is a registered charitable organization founded in 2008 by a few brothers (4 or 5 core).

The goal of NMA is the promotion and teachings of the Values and Principles of Islam according to Qur’an and Sunnah of our beloved ar-Rassul-ul-Allah (pbuh).

It is important that our families, children, develop and maintain a proper Muslim character and identity (which encourages tolerance and mutual respect among different Faiths, cultures).

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01 - Gatineau Mosque - Centre Islamique de l’Outaouais, 4 rue Lois, Hull, Gatineau, Quebec - Friday August 2 2013

This was kind of a tough decision. And also an easy one.
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01 - Ottawa Main Mosque, seen from Scott Street, Jumah Friday August 2 2013

The Last Friday of Ramadan 2013.

I could have prayed in any masjid in Ottawa, but I wanted to pray in the Ottawa Main Mosque.

This may no longer be the biggest physical Muslim place of prayer in the Ottawa Region, but it is still the main masjid of the city. It is still Ottawa’s Jami Mosque.

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Young Muslims serving in Canada's Armed Forces, Ottawa Muslim Association Parking Lot, Jumah, Friday August 2 2013

After praying Jumah in the Ottawa Main Mosque, I spotted these young Muslims in the parking lot awaiting their ride.
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It’s 1:54 a.m. I am sitting in the Bank Street McDonald’s, a stone’s throw distance from Assunnah Muslim Association at 1216 Hunt Club Road in Ottawa South.

This entry will be updated at length as soon as I can get to it, InshAllah.

For now, here a few photos tweeted earlier tonight to give you a sense of the Thursday Night Iftar at The AMA.
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Thursday August 1, 2013

Thirty Mosques in thirty days


During Ramadan, Himy Syed travels from-city-to city in Ontario visiting as many Mosques as he can.

He’s made it his goal to visit 30 mosques over 30 days.

Last year, he stuck to Greater Toronto Area’s mosques.

But this year, he spread his search province-wide.

The project is called 30 Masjids.

Guest host Mike Ewing spoke to Himy about some of the highlights of his journey so far.

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00 - Cutting Watermelon slices for Iftar Plate, Islam Care Centre, Ottawa - Wednesday July 31 2013

I’m tired.

The past few days of continuous walking between prayer spots has me beat.

I had intended tonight to properly re-visit the Assunnah Muslim Association in Ottawa South, or cross the border again into Quebec and break fast in the Masjid I just learned about which is in Hull/Gatineau.

My body has rights over me and it is telling me to park my butt here inside the Islam Care Centre after performing Asr, the late afternoon prayer. So be it.

I’m not up to interviewing anyone right now. For tonight then, a worshiper first and observer second on this Day 23 of Ramadan.

But now I got a new problem…

I’m sitting here for the next few hours… observing all this food. :-/

01 - Watermelon Iftar Plate, Islam Care Centre, Ottawa - Wednesday July 31 2013

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Wednesday July 31, 2013

30 Masjids


Throughout Ramadan, Himy Syed plans to visit 30 mosques in 30 days. While passing through Ottawa, Himy dropped into the CBC studio to chat with Hallie. You can follow his journey at

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CBC Radio-Canada, 181 Queen Street, Ottawa Ontario - Tuesday July 30 2013

We’ll do a short live interview between 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m. Wednesday July 31 2013, InshAllah !

You can listen online via the CBC Ottawa Morning Radio One livestream.
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01 - Crossing Bridge from Ontario into Quebec, looking at Ottawa River and Parliament Hill - Tuesday July 30 2013

Today, 30 Masjids Ontario became 30 Masjids Ontario & Quebec !

First things first, we need to cross the Border.

To do that, I walk across the Portage Bridge from downtown Ottawa. A few minutes later all the signs are in French.

02 - Yield to Pedestrian sign, Hull Gatineau, Quebec - Tuesday July 30 2013

Yep, 30Masjids has reached Quebec! Alhumdulillah.

03 - Bixi Capital Bike Sharing Map, Hull Gatineau, Quebec - Tuesday July 30 2013

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01 - Warren 8 North Bay 77 distance remaining sign on side of Trans Canada Highway fromSault Ste Marie - Monday July 29 2013

Next stop, North Bay.

With so few buses running regular schedules through North Bay, Ontario, staying any longer than the few hours in-between Greyhound’s two daily east-west trips, meant putting in two full days here.

This would be the shortest 30Masjids stop this Ramadan.
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In the Islamic Association of Sudbury, a Nikah (Marriage) Ceremony took place this Jumah.

Ibrahim and Samantha exchanged wedding vows after Friday prayers.
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Greyhound Bus 1173 Sault Ste Marie - Friday Morning July 26 2013

After praying Fajr in the nearby Islamic Association of Sault Ste Marie, Brother Yaser Garwan drove the short distance to the Howard Johnson’s hotel and dropped me off in front of the Greyhound office.

It’s still a couple of hours until Greyhound opens. Time flies by quickly enough doing Dhikr.

The office opens something past 6 a.m. The computers say the bus to Sudbury is sold out. I and an elder Francophone gentleman go on stand-by.

A couple of hours later, once the Eastbound Greyhound bus arrives from Thunder Bay, the driver assures us there will likely be seats.

He’s right. Turns out there were five seats available once everyone else boarded. Greyhound reservation computers don’t always tell the truth.

A few hours later, we arrive in town. There is plenty of time to make Jumah Friday Prayers at the Islamic Association of Sudbury at 755 Churchill Avenue in the east side of the city.

welcome-bienvenue Sudbury streetcar barns Friday July 26 2013

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We made the local news in Sault Ste Marie, Northern Ontario!

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