30 MORE | Is Zakat Al Fitr Fixed at $7.00 or $10.00 or $15.00? OR Zakat Al Fitr payable according to a sliding scale $7.00 to $55.00 as per your wealth? – Religious Opinion from Darul Iftaa Canada

This poster on the wall of Bramalea Islamic Cultural Centre was pointed out to me by the brother who showed me BICC’s Eid Al Fitr info-graphic, which I posted on my Eid Al Fitr Prayer Location blog post.

Okay, so all through Ramadan 2023, I’ve been hearing from the Mimbar and at Taraweeh times, that because of Inflation etc, this year, please pay MORE Zakat Al Fitr if you can afford to do so.

But “Exactly” HOW MUCH More ?

I didn’t have an exact informed answer until I saw the above information posted at BICC.

I can’t find the Fatwa on Darul Iftaa Canada’s website, perhaps I don’t know how to search well enough to find it quickly.


If you can pay more, or more importantly, if you are supposed to be paying more that just $15.00, now you know how much more.

And Allah knows best.

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