Day 15 – VIDEO – JUMAH – Third Friday – Snapshot of what Jumah looks like in Ramadan 2020 due to Pandemic Lockdown

I want to do something different today.

My intention is to embed as many Friday Talks or Friday Jumah Livestreams on the Third Friday, the Middle Friday, of Ramadan 2020…

A snapshot of what Jumah Looks like in Ramadan 2020 during the Pandemic Lockdown.


I’ll keep updating this entry new videos as they are found online or tweeted to me : @30Masjids.


















Over the past ten years of 30 Masjids in 30 Days of Ramadan project,

I would document every Jumah Friday Prayer I attended during Ramadan.

Sometimes by video, often photos, rare time with audio recording only.

In all those years,

I could only attend One Jumah in person each Ramadan week.

The Pandemic Lockdown has changed all that.

Now I can attend many

Many Masjids and regular Friday Prayer Providers have been livestreaming at least something around their regular Friday Prayer start times.

IIT Islamic Institute of Toronto, cancelled Jumah yet began livestreaming Friday Talks.

Islamic Foundation of Toronto livestreams a Friday Reminder.

Sayeda Khadija Centre livestreams a Jumah prayer now conducted inside vast empty Main Prayer Halls with the bare minimum of people present to make the Jumah valid.

Like our cousins in faith, Livestream Jumahs need a Minyan.

Prior to Pandemic Lockdown of Masjids the world over,

Small to Medium sized Masjids would host two or three and sometimes up to five consecutive short Jumah Qhutbahs, Friday Prayer Lectures, to accommodate their overflowing Friday Congregations.

An Unintended Benefit of broadcasting / livestreaming is that every masjid who wants to, need only conduct One Friday Jumah Qhutbah.

That Single Jumah Qhutbah can be Quality instead of Quantity, unrushed and at length.

Everyone’s At Home due to the Pandemic Lockdown, what else are Muslims going to do Mid-Day on a Friday ?

Everyone who wants to watch, can watch from home at the same time.

Or catch their favourite Jumah Khateeb, Friday Lecturer, afterwards on youtube or elsewhere.

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