30 MORE | Day 14 – “I received a number of calls about the daily call to prayer that the City of Windsor has allowed the Windsor Mosque to broadcast for the duration of Ramadan. My response.” – Mayor Drew Dilkens – City of Windsor

“I reflect quite often on the fact that I’m mayor of the fourth most diverse community in Canada.

It’s that diversity that helps make us stronger as a community.

I say that so often to different groups, and I really mean it.

When I hear, as mayor, racist comments or when I read some of the things that I’ve read I’m deeply disturbed by that because that does not reflect the broader community that I know in my city.

I think people appreciate that the city responded in this particular way.

And I think because of the situation that we’re in, it was the right thing to do.

We’re not alone doing it – many other cities across the country are doing it.

And I quite proud of that community and all that they’ve offered to help make our city better.”

Mayor Drew Dilkens, City of Windsor

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