Jami Mosque. This Islamic Centre of Toronto.

The Mother Mosque (Ommul-Masajid) in the Greater Toronto Area. Located at 56 Boustead Avenue between Roncesvalles Village and High Park in Toronto’s west end.

Throughout the 70s, 80s, and even for a time into the 90s, this was the first and largest masjid Muslims would encounter when visiting or living in Toronto.

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This is 3047 Dundas Street West as it is today, the first of Ramadan 1432 also the first day of August 2011.

This is also the little known historic location of Toronto’s first masjid, The Dundas Street Mosque. Most recently it was a picture frame shop, however this afternoon it was found worse for wear having been closed for some time.

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Sunday was not the first day of fasting in Ramadan. However, Sunday at sunset is when Ramadan began. Uniquely then, tonight was prayers without an Iftar ( break fast ) meal.

I decided to pray Maghrib, the after sunset prayer, at my neighbourhood masjid, the Islamic Information and Dawah Centre International. It’s only one very short subway stop away, but I always either bike or walk over. Tonight I biked over and made it in time. They had just started.

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Ramadan begins at sunset the night before the first day of fasting.

This year, according to Moonsighting.com, the first day of fasting would most likely be Monday August 1, 2011, making it easy as the Islamic lunar month of Ramadan would correspond to the month of August. Consequently, Ramadan itself began at sunset on Sunday evening, July 31, 2011.

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AsalamAlayKum, Peace and e-Greetings be upon you.

My name is HiMY SYeD. I live in downtown Toronto. Two years ago I was inspired by Aman Ali and Bassam Tariq‘s Ramadan journey around New York City.

Each day in Ramadan in 2009, Aman and Bassam visited a different New York City area Muslim place of prayer and opened their fast. They blogged their adventures.

This year, the brothers are for the second time, visiting 30 States in 30 Days!

In Toronto, I’m less ambitious…at least this year 😉

InshAllah, God-Alone-Willing, I’ll blog about opening my fast at 30 different Masjids in the Greater Toronto Area.

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