Jenny’s Asr Prayers in English

It was seeing Jenny’s commitment in her five daily prayers, not letting her lack of Arabic Language stop her from praying, that sparked Omar’s heart.

We all have to start somewhere.

Jenny is learning Arabic with Omar’s help, and will gradually begin reciting all her prayers with verses of the Qur’an in Arabic.

God-Alone Willing.


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Omar and Jenny are standing in Trinity-Bellwoods Farmers’ Market.

It’s Tuesday, Asr time. Time for their weekly grocery shopping trip. They are gathering organic ingredients for tonight’s Iftar.

They’ve invited me to break fast with them and stay for Iftar Dinner.

It will be the first home cooked meal, and the first time during this 30 Masjids journey around town,  I won’t be inside a Greater Toronto Area masjid for Maghrib.

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On CJRN AM 710, half an hour before Toronto Maghrib local sunset time, Reflections on Islam Radio program broadcasts from Niagara Falls into the Greater Toronto Area.


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Meet Adnan Sirajuddin. Toronto’s Muezzin.

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Day 25 – Qiyam ul Layl – Islamic Information & Dawah Centre




Day 25 – Masjid al Taqwa – 14 Ladysmith Avenue



Day 14 of Ramadan turned out to be the one where I broke fast in my neighbourhood masjid, the Islamic Information and Dawah Centre International, founded by Brother Shabbir Ally.

This is where I began the 30 Masjids journey on Day 0.

This would be my pit stop before continuing 30 Masjids into the second half of Ramadan…

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 By Elyas (@PirateSomali) in Columbus, Ohio


Salaamu Alaykum!

I am delighted to have the chance to contribute to Brother Syed’s Ramadan project. I’ve learned of his initiative through another blog run by two friends who are also doing the same project that Brother Syed is doing.

Since the two friends decided to steer their project in a controversial path I decided to have nothing to do with their blog.

So now I am following Brother Syed’s Ramadan project. Furthermore, I learned that the Brotha allows his guests to contribute to his project.

Realizing that, I decided why don’t I visit my local mosque and take pictures and videos.

So that’s what I’ve done.



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You must first walk over a bridge if you want to pray in Thorncliffe Park’s Masjid Darus Salaam.


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Day 24 – Masjid Omar Farook – 4640 Kingston Road, Scarborough



Meet Muhammad Abbas Hijazi.

An abstract artist who was showing his work at the First Qur’an Festival.


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On the second Friday of Ramadan, I spent 23 hours at Jame Abu Bakr / Scarborough Muslim Association.

I came for the second Juma Prayers, and stayed until a Janaza Funeral Prayer was said for a elder Muslim sister who had passed away.

InshAllah I’ll update this blog post in depth time permitting.

For now, here are unedited photos during those 23 hours.

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Canadian Turkish Islamic Centre. Most people call it the Pape Cami, pronounced Jami.

Pape Cami at 336 Pape Avenue is tonight’s break fast stop for 30 Masjids.

But first, we need to cross the street and visit a Jewish Cemetery . . .

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Day 23 – Baitul Aman Masjid – 3114 Danforth Avenue, Scarborough



Adhan al Isha



Witr Prayer


Day 22 – Abu Huraira Center – 270 Yorkland Boulevard, North York