011 - Canadian Association of Jews and Muslims - Ramadan Interfaith Dinner hosted by IDIGTA - July 12 2015

Ramadan Interfaith Dinner – July 12th, 2015, 7:00-9:30pm

481 University Avenue, Suite 711, Toronto, ON M5G 2E9

Theme: “Hunger in Our Midst and the Spirit of Fasting”


  • Brad Brass, Solel Congregation
  • Rev. Alexa Gilmour, Windermere United Church
  • Imam Abdul Hai Patel, Canadian Council of Imams

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002 - Vinita Kinra - Ramadan Interfaith Dinner - Faith of Life Network - June 25 2015

By Vinita Kinra (@VinitaKinra)

June 25, 2015: Sayeda Khadija Centre reveled in a surprise dignitary at the community fast breaking dinner when Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister hopeful leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and son of late Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, joined the richly diverse gathering.

Intercultural Dialogue Institute (IDI GTA) and Faith of Life Network successfully united the multiple faiths thriving in our community to share perspectives on the globally pertinent issue of “Abstinence and its role in healing many of today’s ills.”

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Masjid Toronto after Taraweeh

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000 - Iftar Nights in Mabelle Park - MABELLEarts - Etobicoke - July 10 2015

MABELLEarts is delighted to invite you to join us for our weekly Iftar Celebrations in the Mabelle Park, every Friday during Ramadan. From 7:30pm – 9:30pm on June 26th, July 3rd and 10th, we will meet in the Park to share stories by the fire, enjoy delicious treats prepared by the Mabelle Ladies Cooking Circle and welcome many wonderful artistic and musical guests – including Maryem Tollar, Arnie Tollar, Jayne Brown and Faduma Nakruumaa!

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Shaikh Abdool Hamid Delivered the Friday Khutbah.

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By Taufik Ali Valiante (@DrValiante) MD, PhD, FRCS

Your brain is who you are.

A constellation of past experiences, hopes, dreams, and knowledge, receiving input from the outside world through your senses, and simultaneously changing that very world through your interactions.

It is thus shaped by, but yet shapes the world around it. It is constantly changing with every second, as every experience you have alters is physical and chemical structure.

It is as mysterious to the neuroscientist as to average individual. Scientists refer to as the most complex thing in the universe, thus currently defying definition, and a scientific language to describe what it does.

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000 - Taraweeh - Mesjid Al Sabur - July 9 2015

The Ramadan Interfaith Dinner at York University was completed with enough time for people to reach Isha Prayers.

Initially, the intention was to Ride the Rocket Bus from YorkU to Downsview Subway Station and re-assess which Masjid Location was best.

I ended up walking north on Dufferin Street from Downsview Station to reach Mesjid Al Sabur.

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000 - Ramadan Interfaith Dinner - York University - July 9 2015

Fasting and Child Hunger

July 9th, 2015, 7:00-10:00pm

The Underground Restaurant, Student Centre, York University


  • Dr. Shari Goldberg, Shema & Iqra: The Jewish-Muslim Text Project
  • Rev. Meggie Helwig, Church of Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields
  • Muneeb Nasir, President of Olive Tree Foundation

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000 - Taraweeh - Gateway Boulevard Public School - Flemingdon Park - July 8 2015

Taraweeh each night inside Gateway Boulevard Public School at 10:35 p.m.

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Being in Toronto’s Downtown Core with an hour to go til sunset, you have time enough to walk to numerous Public Iftars, Alhumdulillah.

Like Day 6 of 30 Masjids in 2012, Regent Park’s Masjidur Rahmah at 328 Parliament Street, north of Dundas, is where tonight’s fast was broken.

Also like 2012, I am still mis-naming this Masjid, as you can see on my twitter.

It is Masjidur Rahmah and not Masjidur Rahman….

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Shaikh Abdool Hamid delivers Islamic Reminders on Mondays and Wednesdays in Masjid Toronto after the Dhuhr / Mid-Day Prayer.

From Monday’s short talk, you now know When is Laylatul Qadr.

But you still might be wondering What Exactly is Laylatul Qadr ?

000 – Taraweeh – Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International - 1168 Bloor Street West - July 7 2015

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003 - Ramadan Dinner 2015 with St. Philip's Lutheran Church - Etobicoke - July 7 2015

Ramadan Intercultural Friendship Dinner 2015 with St. Philip’s Lutheran Church, Etobicoke

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