On the second Friday of Ramadan, I spent 23 hours at Jame Abu Bakr / Scarborough Muslim Association.

I came for the second Juma Prayers, and stayed until a Janaza Funeral Prayer was said for a elder Muslim sister who had passed away.

InshAllah I’ll update this blog post in depth time permitting.

For now, here are unedited photos during those 23 hours.

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Canadian Turkish Islamic Centre. Most people call it the Pape Cami, pronounced Jami.

Pape Cami at 336 Pape Avenue is tonight’s break fast stop for 30 Masjids.

But first, we need to cross the street and visit a Jewish Cemetery . . .

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Day 23 – Baitul Aman Masjid – 3114 Danforth Avenue, Scarborough



Adhan al Isha



Witr Prayer


Day 22 – Abu Huraira Center – 270 Yorkland Boulevard, North York



Day 22 – VIDEO – Iftar – Sultan, Abdullah, Abdur Rahman – Abu Huraira Center




Day 21 – Madinah Masjid – 1015 Danforth Avenue




Day 20  – ISNA Islamic Centre of Canada – 2200 South Sheridan Way, Mississauga



By Jasmine Amoh (@amajas)

For the past ten years or so, I’ve driven past this Masjid, always telling myself that Insha’Allah, one day, I’ll make it here for Jumu’ah.

Problem was, I never saw any sisters entering, so I decided to call up this morning and inquire whether there was a separate entrance for sisters, and if the khutbah would be in English.

“Oh yes sister, there is a separate entrance, and yes, the khutbah will be in English, not to worry!” said the bubbly brother on the line.

Of course I was delighted to hear this, so I prepared to head up the street on my lunch hour for Jumu’ah.

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Day 19 – Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Toronto – 9000 Bathurst Street, Thornhill




Day 18 –  Islamic Society of Niagara Falls – 6768 Lyons Creek Road


Lights are off inside the Albanian Muslim Society of Toronto at 564 Annette Street at Runnymede Road.

One minute before Maghrib.

And no one is home


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Day 17 – Masjid-El-Noor – 277 Scott Road



It’s said there’s never a taxi cab, or a cop, around when you need one.

In Toronto, that’s likely true when trying to hail a Taxi at least five times a day.

As for the Police?

Somehow cops magically appear around masjids looking to make quota and ticket illegally parked cars or cabs at least five times a day.

Parking. Praying. Ticketing. Towing.

It’s all a kind of game.

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Tonight is my annual Ramadan pilgrimage to South Etobicoke.

Every Ramadan, it’s worthwhile making the effort to pencil in at least one night of Tarawih prayer in this masjid. The Bosnian Islamic Centre is at 75 Birmingham Street. It was previously known as the Croatian Islamic Centre.

This year, for 30 Masjids, I arrived before the sun had set, intending to pray my late afternoon Asr Prayer as well as Isha and Tarawih, with Iftar and Maghrib inbetween.

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The First Qur’an Festival continues TODAY in the Ontario Science Centre.

Located at 770 Don Mills Road. The Qur’an Festival is on until 8 p.m. tonight, Sunday August 14 2011. Admission is FREE.

For those who aren’t able to make it in person, you will be able to get a sense of the festival in the video above. Because time is short, it was hurriedly edited. Hence, a very rough cut. Please forgive the poor editing job.