Day 26 – LIVESTREAM – “Sharing Islam with Indigenous People” – Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick – Br Hassan Sajid – Dr. Mustafa Khattab – Br. Hassan Wadi – iERA Canada

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May 8 at 🕓4 PM (EST) iERA Canada are raising funds to share Islam with indigenous people in shaa Allah

With your support we will:

Translate & print dawah materials to Cree and other indigenous languages.

Create campaigns to reach out to indigenous people.

Relationship building with indigenous chiefs & elders.

Hear from:

Public speaker

Br. Hassan Wadi
Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick
Dr. Mustafa Khattab
Dr. Fahad Tasleem
Br. Hassan Sajid
Sr. Wardah Ten Fingers

And this RAMADAN we want you to get a share in the reward!

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