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30 MORE | Day 18 – “Al Jamia Masjid Vancouver to broadcast the Adhaan—the Muslim Call to prayer—daily at sunset” – Mayor Kennedy Stewart – City of Vancouver

Day 17 – Jarvis Islamic Centre – Downtown Toronto – CTV Transplant

30 MORE | Day 15 – “City of Calgary approves request for Masjids across Calgary to broadcast Adhan Muslim Call to Prayer for remaining days of Ramadan 2020” – Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council

30 MORE | Day 15 – VIDEO – “Here is my experience with hearing Adhan out loud from the speakers of Minaret of Windsor Mosque” – Malik Bhai

30 MORE | Day 14 – “I received a number of calls about the daily call to prayer that the City of Windsor has allowed the Windsor Mosque to broadcast for the duration of Ramadan. My response.” – Mayor Drew Dilkens – City of Windsor

30 MORE | Day 14 – “Spoke with President of Windsor Islamic Association about the Call to Prayer in South Windsor.” – Dan MacDonald Show – AM800 CKLW

30 MORE | Night 14 – “This is the last I’ll be commenting on the matter. Proud we did the right thing.” – Mayor Bonnie Crombie – City of Mississauga

30 MORE | Day 13 – VIDEO – “Letter read out at Council from ICP Interfaith Council of Peel to Mississauga City Council in Support of the Call to Prayer issue”

30 MORE | Digital Book Launch – PINK MOSQUES – Stories By Lila, Nana, Lisa, Emie – (Chapter 52 by HiMY SYeD) – Storial.CO – Jakarta, Indonesia

30 MORE | Twitter Thread : “It seems three weeks, once an evening for less than five minutes – for the first time ever – is too much to ask.” — By Ahmed Minhas

30 MORE | VIDEO – Twitter Thread : “On my way to join the women’s mukabela, and for the first time in my life, I heard a woman’s voice emanating from the loudspeakers of a mosque (Hadžijska džamija).” — By Madinah Javed – #FemaleReciters Campaign

30 MORE | Twitter Thread : “What effect Ramadan will have on the health of Muslims in the midst of SARS-COV-2 Pandemic.” — Dr Waheed Khan

30 MORE | Twitter Thread : #RamadanMealsTO – Downtown Toronto Free Ramadan Iftar Meals Program — By Walied Khogali Ali

30 MORE | VIDEO – Mosques closed ahead of Ramadan during Corona Virus Pandemic – Lauren Green – Fox News Digital – New York

30 MORE | VIDEO – Imam Abdallah Yousri reflects on Nova Scotia shooting, Ramadan amid pandemic – Ummah Masjid and Community Centre – Halifax – CBC Morning Live