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30 MORE | NCCM : Press Conference – Markham Masjid – The Islamic Society of Markham – 2900 Denison Street

30 MORE | Day 19 – Fajr – “Worshippers tell me they’ve been staying even more vigilant since the reported attack, but they won’t be driven out by fear.” – Faiza Amin – Markham Masjid – Islamic Society of Markham

30 MORE | VIDEO – CP24 – “Our Mosques are no longer Safe Haven” — Muneeza Sheikh

30 MORE | NCCM UPDATE : “The York Regional Police have arrested and charged a man related to the hate-motivated incident at the Islamic Society of Markham masjid.”

30 MORE | NCCM : “We have been greatly distressed to learn about an apparent violent hate crime at a Markham mosque, where an individual yelled slurs, tore up a Qur’an, and attempted to run down worshippers in his vehicle.”

Night 4 – VIDEO – Public Adhan Al Maghrib – The Call to Sunset Prayer – Markham Masjid – Islamic Society of Markham

Day 6 – Double Eye Tee? IIt’s where the sidewalk ends