30 MORE | NCCM : BREAKING NEWS – VIDEO – “NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is calling for an Emergency Debate in the House of Commons on the increased attacks on religious institutions in response to community calls for actions by organizations like NCCM”

“NCCM CEO Stephen Brown and Jagmeet Singh,

Leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party,

Call for emergency debate in parliament on the rise of hate against religious institutions.”

NCCM – Monday April 17 2023



After organizations like NCCM have been pushing all parties to take action,

Leader Jagmeet Singh of the NDP is tabling a request to the Speaker to convene an emergency debate in the House of Commons on the increased attacks on religious institutions,

Including in the aftermath of the attacks on mosques like the Islamic Society of Markham.

Enough is enough.

We need to see policies that will help all people in Canada stay safe through effective security programs,

Stronger community outreach programs,

Online harms legislation,

And hate crime legislation.

We will be in the House of Commons today to answer questions about the need for this emergency debate this afternoon.

Please support us by making a donation today,

Or calling your local MP to support the emergency debate convening today.”

National Council of Canadian Muslims

Monday April 17 2023

“Hon. Anthony Rota, MP
Speaker of the House of Commons
222-N Centre Block
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

April 17, 2023

Dear Mr. Speaker:

I am writing to you to give notice under Standing Order 52(2) that I will be seeking leave at the appropriate time later today to propose an emergency debate on the recent islamophobic and antisemitic acts on the heels of record high incidences in police-reported hate crimes in Canada.

As you are aware,

over the last few weeks we’ve seen brazenly hateful acts perpetrated at the Islamic Society of Markham and the Bagg Street Shul in Montreal,

which are among the oldest places of worship serving their respective communities in Canada.

These horrific incidents that happend over a short period of time are emblematic of the recent Statcan data on the sharp rise in police-reported hate crimes,

which reached a record high with a staggering 67% increase in hate crimes targeting religion.

Mr. Speaker,

the importance of this requested debate cannot be understated.

There is no place for hate in Canada and Canadians of all backgrounds should be able to practice their faith without fear and intimidation.

Given the federal government’s responsibility in responding to public safety and ensuring Canadians are safe from threats and violence,

these recent hateful acts and the rising incidents of hate crimes cannot go unaddressed by Parliament,

it’s imperative that all parties are afforded this opportunity to clearly denounce these incidents and debate the urgent measures needed to prevent further harm to our communities,

including immediately improving and expanding the Security Infrastructure Program to make places of worship safer,

ensuring that all major cities have dedicated hate crime units and combatting online hate that is emboldening these acts.

As always,

I thank you for your careful consideration of this application.


[ signed ]

Jagmeet Singh

Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada

MP for Burnaby South”

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