30 MORE | Day 12 – Fajr – Mahamed Elmi of Istar Restaurant at 235 Dixon Road in North Etobicoke – Speaking with David Common on Metro Morning – 99.1 FM – CBC Toronto

After praying Fajr this morning, I turned on the IPTV and channel surfed to CBC Toronto.

Weekday mornings during the 6 a.m. hour,

CBC Toronto TV simulcasts the CBC Metro Morning radio show broadcasting on CBC Radio One at 99.1 FM.

I only intended to watch/listen to CBC World Report, the ten minute news update broadcast at the top of each hour, which is then followed by CBC Metro Morning for the remaining 50 minutes until 7 a.m.


After World Report, David Common begins his Metro Morning 6:10 a.m. intro highlighting upcoming segments for the remainder of the hour…

Half-listening at this point, because well, I’m usually sleepy after praying Fajr.

But then I heard David Common say the word, “Ramadan” and hunh? Wait, what!?

Aha! I better record this, like right away!

If there is something I have learned about News Media Interviews in 10+ years of blogging 30 Masjids in 30 Days of Ramadan,

It’s that not every live interview segment, be it TV or Radio or Livestream, gets archived online nor rebroadcast.

Alhumdulillah, eleven years ago, I archived my own audio appearance on CBC Metro Morning when I was interviewed by Priya Sankaran on Day 14 of Ramadan 2012 which was then broadcast on Day 15.

Ten years ago, I did not archive my audio appearance on CBC Hear and Now when I was interviewed by Mary Ito on Day 0 of Ramadan 2013 as I was about to begin my journey of visiting 30 Masjids in 30 Days of Ramadan around Ontario.

In my rush to get to London, Ontario to begin 30 Masjids Ontario, I didn’t prioritize archiving as I could have in 2013.

Afterwards I contacted CBC Toronto who confirmed my audio appearance on CBC Here and Now was no longer available.

SubhanAllah, lesson learned.

So back to the immediacy of the here and now of Day 12 of Ramadan 2023.

David Common about to begin speaking live on air with Mahamed Elmi of Istar Restaurant, located 235 Dixon Road in North Etobicoke.

In my still sleepy state, snap decision was to grab my Nikon Coolpix point and shoot, then point it at the TV Screen and begin recording.


If you fell asleep after Fajr,

Right now, you can still listen to Mahamed Elmi sharing his Ramadan experience in running the 24 Hour Open Halal Diner/café Istar Restaurant speaking with David Common :

InshAllah, with the interview done, Mahamed Elmi can now get some sleep.

After the show . . .

Mahamed Elmi’s Ramadan Interview is NOT found in Metro Morning’s On Demand Segment Listing for the show aired on Monday April 3 2023.


“If there is no record, there is no history, it didn’t happen.”



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