Day 28 – Sahoor – Owais, Sharjeel, Sami – Masjid Usman – Pickering Islamic Centre

Asalam O Alaikum!

This is Sami from masjid e usman last night.. I was wondering if you could put up the picture or send me the picture from last night, thanks a lot and great talking to you yesterday!!

. . . WalayKumSalam Sami !

From left to right: Young Brothers Owais, Sharjeel, and Sami.

After Qiyam ul Layl, the Night Prayer, inside the Pickering Islamic Centre, a number of youth were teaching and reminding one another some of what they knew and learned about Islamic Jurisprudence, or Fiqh.

Owais was present at SeekersHub on Day 7 during my visit there, though we didn’t properly meet each other on that night.

Fast Forward 20 Days later…

He was surprised to see me inside Masjid Usman and pleased to properly meet me this morning during Sahoor, the light morning pre-Dawn meal.

Dawn marks the starting time of each day’s fast.

For every fasting person, Sahoor is strongly recommended.

Also recommended?

Making new friends.


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