Day 1 – TARIC Islamic Centre

It’s the first Saturday of Ramadan 2014. I wasn’t quite sure if TARIC Islamic Centre, which 30Masjids first visited in Ramadan 2011, would still be be serving Iftar Dinner in addition to the simple Iftar of breaking the fast.

Why TARIC? Tonight?

My mom was reminiscing how TARIC had become my Dad’s favourite Masjid. Consequently, she wanted to visit TARIC on this first full day of fasting. So we made the trek out there from our side of the City; upon arrival with plenty of time to spare, we learned, that yes, Iftar Dinner was indeed still on.

Iftar table in TARIC Islamic Centre

I picked up a ziploc bag with dates and a styrofoam cup of water before heading outside.

Ziploc bag of dates and styrofoam cup of water for Iftar outside TARIC Islamic Centre

The weather was pleasant enough, and the sky remained brilliant as Sunset time approached.

Sunset beyond TARIC Islamic Centre Parking Lot

Outside TARIC Islamic Centre awaiting Adhan Al Maghrib

Over the past three years in doing 30Masjids, I realized how few photographs of myself there are in the stories. Intending to remedy that, I snapped this non-glamourous selfie taken outside of TARIC Islamic Centre.

Salat Al Maghrib TARIC Islamic Centre

Adhan was called. Fast was broken. We prayed Maghrib and enjoyed a generous serving of Dinner. The experience tonight was pretty much as it was four years ago, so there is little to add.

The Recitation of Qur’an in the Tarawih Prayers was clear and precise. The Imam had given a wonderful summary and introduction of the verses to be recited beforehand. It aided in comprehension, even if one was not a native Arabic speaker.

Upstairs Prayer Space TARIC Islamic Centre

Having prayed eight Rakats, I stop. Even if my mom wasn’t with me tonight, I might well have stopped at eight instead of twenty Rakats anyway. It’s already midnight, and dawn is less than four hours away….

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