30 MORE | Guest Blog Post : 50 Years Anniversary Celebration at The Toronto Jami Mosque — By M Rashid Taylor

Guest Blog Post By Brother M Rashid Taylor (@MRashidTaylor)

I am fortunate to attend #Jami50 celebrating the 50 years anniversary celebration at The Toronto Jami Mosque, the oldest mosque in the GTA.

So many memories and much reacquainting with “old” friends.

Halifax Imam Jamal Badawi speaking on the centrality of the mosque in the lives of Muslims.

When a Muslim’s connection to the mosque lessens, connection to a rounded human life diminishes.

Dr. Thabit Mehdi taught Islamic weekend school starting 1974 and for 30 years at the Toronto Jami Mosque and only missed one weekend, when Mayor Lastman called in the army to remove snow in Toronto.

Dr. Katherine Bullock speaking on a history of the mosque and her own personal journey and connection with the Toronto Jami Mosque.

“A Canadian mosque, in an iconic neighbourhood, in an iconic church now an iconic mosque.

A reflection of a Canada with a changing demographic.”

— Haroon Siddiqui (@hsiddiquicanada)

Panel discussion with notable Toronto Imams Ibrahim Malabari, Ahmad Kutty, Abdul Hai Patel, Dr. El-Tantawy Attia and Dr. Iqbal Massod Al-Nadvi.

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