30 MORE | Day 25 – VIDEO: Meet Abdul Haq – Asociación Centro Cultural Islámico de Medellín, Colombia

Brother Abdul Haq is the Founder of The Masjid in Medellín, Colombia.

Centro Cultural Islámico de Medellín is the only Masjid in this Latin American City of 4 Million, mostly Catholic people. It serves many purposes, ranging from a regular Masjid to an Information and Education Centre for visiting University Students.

On this First Friday in April of 2014, one such group of students came to watch us pray Jumah, the Friday Congregational Prayer. Afterwards, Brother Abdul Haq gave an overview of Islam and answered some Questions.

Unusual on this Friday was a passing Thunderstorm, which you can hear in the second video. The thunderstorm extended the visit of the Students for another hour or so. And that time was used to answer even more questions….

Early on, it was only Abdul Haq, his wife, and children praying in the front living room of their house. That space was open to anyone who wished to join them on Jumah.

Thereafter, his Musallah moved to his office location, where he made space for Jumah there.

Eventually, the Mezquita de Medellín arrived at Calle 28 #73 – 36, Belén, Medellín, Colombia where they are now.

They were on the second floor at first, but the building was sold, and the Masjid moved downstairs to the ground level of the same building.

This masjid doesn’t have a resident Imam. To that end, Abdul Haq’s son is currently in Trinidad learning to become an Imam gaining correct Islamic Knowledge from an Institution there. Once he returns and takes his place as the Imam, it will be an important Milestone for this community.

When I was there in March and April of this year, the Community was discussing their future, whether to stay where they were, or find a larger place nearby.

Muslims in this Colombian city are growing as a population.

There are currently around 2,000 Muslims in Medellín dispersed all over the Aburrá Valley. A vast improvement from when Abdul Haq first arrived from Trinidad all those years ago.

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