30 MORE | Umrah – Day 8 – Makkah, Saudi Arabia – Friday June 3 2011

Footprints of Father Prophet Ibrahim/Abraham (Peace be upon him... on Twitpic

Enclosure protecting stone with Prophet Ibrahim / Abraham... on Twitpic

People clinging to the Door of the Holy Kaaba in #Makkah. on Twitpic

Spiritual Playoff Beard: Where Playoffs = Umrah; The Cup = Et... on Twitpic

'#TDOT' in front of The Holy Kaaba? Took it as a si... on Twitpic

Prayers being made at base of wall of The Holy Kaaba in #Makkah. on Twitpic

Stood here for long time hoping to secure a prayer spot behin... on Twitpic

From my eventual prayer spot: Sheikh Sudais, Imam of Masjid-a... on Twitpic

Timing was that Fajr fell in-between my 7 Tawafs and 7 Saeey.... on Twitpic

VERY fortunate child / People wait to be allowed into Origina... on Twitpic

Like torrent rain, people flooded into this area of The Holy ... on Twitpic

The Giant Clock Tower is indeed controversial, yet it did/doe... on Twitpic

To protect Mount Safa from erosion, it's coated and behi... on Twitpic

Mount Safa. We run between it and Mount Marwah for total of 7... on Twitpic

Leaving Mount Safa, beginning towards Mount Marwah. on Twitpic

Unlike Mount Safa, Mount Marwah is exposed, though protective... on Twitpic

Leaving Mount Marwah for Mount Safa. We make intentions and s... on Twitpic

Between Safa and Marwah, we are supposed to rush, speed up, f... on Twitpic

The green lights indicate when we start and stop speeding up ... on Twitpic

Between the green lights... on Twitpic

The inner-lanes give priority to pilgrims in wheel-chairs mov... on Twitpic

One pilgrim on Mount Marwah as he likely just completed the r... on Twitpic

The 'Saee', running between Safa+Marwah, now done, ... on Twitpic

Standing before beginning closing Umrah prayer, included as m... on Twitpic

After ending my closing Umrah prayer, this cute kid walked by... on Twitpic

I cut my own hair. With that, this second Umrah, intended for... on Twitpic

Friday Jumah prayers ended an hour ago. Yet tens of thousands... on Twitpic

Y'know that Friday Afternoon People Explosion Feeling ar... on Twitpic

These blue bags, like Toronto's blue Boxes, contain disc... on Twitpic

That was something else... People watching for an hour plus, ... on Twitpic

Masjid-al-Haram's MASSIVE expansion flock of constructio... on Twitpic

Makes me wonder if #Makkah's Fire Department uses ZamZam... on Twitpic

'The Body Shop' across the street from the Masjid-a... on Twitpic

Just finished praying Asr Salat / Late Afternoon prayers in #... on Twitpic

Throughout downtown #Makkah is: constant construction; blasti... on Twitpic

[_]@sethgodin, [_]@TravellerW, [_]@HiMYSYeD (insert final Jeo... on Twitpic

Bird's eye view of The Holy Kaaba from roof of Masjid-al... on Twitpic

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