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So @ is doing a @ review in Toronto. One of the masjid's reviewed was Masjid Qurtabah. Though I halal pat his back for (1)
his efforts,I find @ 's this particular masjid Q review lacking. It doesn't necessarily outline the masjid itself (2) @

Day 9Masjid QurtabahNorth American Muslim Foundation

Also @ 's comparison between Qur'an/Islamic Bookshelf and the size of the hall is fallacious. He failed to peek into (3) @

Eying this football field wide empty prayer hall and seeing the tiniest of bookshelves housing Islamic books, I am morose.

the mussallah which houses bookshelves filled with Qur'an's as well as Islamic literature. Might I also add that (4) @ @
there is a well stocked library at the front of the building. The hall is large as it doubles as a convention are (5) @ @
What @ did not review in my opinion is the essence of Masjid Q. It ran an unprecedented seniors program and each (6) @
summer makes the effort to hire Muslim youth as counsellors. For a comparatively cosy sized masjid, it is stupendous. (last) @

I extend an open invitation to Kaifoom (@Kaifoom) to become a 30Masjids Guest Blogger.

This space is YOUR space too. Ramadan Mubarak!

@ Your feedback is appreciated and noted: Please Guest Blog about Masjid Qurtabah: Thanks!


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IT'S HERE!“@: Day 23 – Masjid Qurtabah –A Hidden Gem in Scarborough | By Kaif Khan (@) #30Masjids”
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