Night 5 – VIDEO – Call to The Prayer After Sunset – RCMP Corporal Nader Khalil calling Adhan Al-Maghrib in Full Uniform – Akram Jomaa Islamic Centre – 2612 37th Avenue NE – Calgary, Alberta

Last year on Day 16 of Ramadan 2020,

Brother Sam Nammoura Livestreamed the First Ever Public Adhan Al Maghrib,

Call to The Prayer After Sunset,

at North-East Islamic Center / Akram Jomaa in Calgary, Alberta.

This year Sam didn’t need to wait for Day 16.

But it was still a first of its kind.

He livestreamed the following video on Day 4 / Night 5 of Ramadan 2021.

“Today the Calgary Muslim community witnessed history in the making.

Our brother RCMP Corporal Nader Khalil

calling Athan Al-Maghrib

in full uniform on Friday,

April 16th, 2021,

Ramadan 4th, 1442

at the Akram Jomaa Islamic Centre.”



“Officer Nader would you like to say something ?”


“I’m just very excited Sam.

And this is history for both the Muslim Community and the RCMP Community.

It’s never happened where a Muslim member in uniform has conducted or recited the Adhan.

So just super happy to be here and honestly this is a good day,

I’m proud to be Canadian.

It just shows the diversity of this country and the beauty of this country and we should be thankful.

Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Atheists,

Whatever faith we’re from,

We should be thankful that we live in such a beautiful country that allows us to worship in peace and in harmonies.

Thank you so much absolutely.”


“Is this a contribution ?

Is this showing the RCMP being part of the Muslim community,

or the RCMP being supportive and giving a lot of support to the Muslim community ?”


“This shows both.

 The community reached out to me.

I spoke to the community.

The RCMP was all for it.

We’re very supportive of any community that we police,

and in the end,

the police are the community and the community are the police.

We’re all one regardless of if you wear a uniform or don’t wear a uniform,

we’re all from this Canadian community and we all should be proud of that.”


“But this is very symbolic,

I don’t think it ever happened before.

Are you aware of any Muslim officer who performed Adhan ?”


“With RCMP ?

With the RCMP, No.”



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