Day 4 / Night 5 – VIDEO – Drive-Thru Iftar – Islamic Centre of Canada – ISNA Mississauga – 2200 South Sheridan Way

First inspired by Winnipeg Grand Mosque‘s Drive-Thru Iftars during Ramadan 2020,

ISNA Canada is again hosting Drive-Thru Iftars during Ramadan 2021.

The Islamic Centre of Canada in South Mississauga  First Come First Picked Up on the following days :

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

April  16, 17, 18,     23, 24, 25,     30

May  1, 2,     7, 8

Bonus Iftar : Monday May 10 2021

6:30 p.m.  6:00 p.m.  to  7:30 p.m.   | First Come, First Served


With new Provincial Restrictions coming,

This first weekend of Ramadan 2021  might be  the last one with Drive-Thru Iftars at ICC.

We don’t know yet.


Last year we were among the first ever arrivals at the Drive-Thru Iftar.

This year,

We arrived on South Sheridan Way at 6:29 p.m.

One full minute before the officially listed 6:30 p.m. Pickup start time,

Yet there was already a line up of cars awaiting entry.

We shouldn’t have been surprised by this,

But yeah, we were.

So much activity already.

This was NEW . . .

A local low power FM radio broadcast.

We tune into 90.5 FM on the dashboard and begin to listen . . .

The  Iftar Radio Show  truly improved the entire Drive-Thru Iftar Experience.


Our two lanes of cars were advancing slowly,

While we could see the single lane Iftar Pickup was moving fast.

Zabiha Halal would be in tonight’s Iftar Meals.

Numerous Volunteers smoothed the way for us, like this Brother alternating drivers through the outer parking lot’s bottleneck exit.


The Iftar Radio Show  was interactive.

The host asked questions, and drivers replied with honking our car horns.

It felt FUN.

Really fun!

Something longed for and until now missed during this Second Pandemic Ramadan.

In Ramadan 2012, I was cycling all over Metropolitan Toronto to complete 30 Masjids in 30 Days.

I spot this single Bike Rack for Bicycle Parking.

I was happy to see this here.

Every Masjid should have Bicycle Parking.

Similar to walking a Labyrinth where sometimes you are close or beside the centre and then suddenly you are far away yet still on the correct path,


Driving through the roundabout route through the ISNA Parking Lot brings us one lane over from the Iftar Pickup before we turn south and away . . .

Another Volunteer holding up a sign asking us to tune into 90.5 FM on our car radios.

Alternating Host of the Iftar Radio Show reminds us we have to be present in the car to pickup an iftar.

The Drive-Thru Iftar is First Come, First Served,

but it is also Come In Person.

We’ve been advancing in line for 34 minutes,

Yet somehow the Iftar Radio Show made it feel like 3 or 4 minutes instead of 34.

Ramadan Timetables ?


Ramadan 2021 Calendar Timetables being distributed . . .

Rudy Cuzzetto is a Canadian politician,

He was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in the 2018 provincial election.

He represents the riding of Mississauga—Lakeshore as a member of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

And in Ramadan 2021,

His office is handing out Ramadan 2021 Timetables complete with Duas / Intention for Suhoor and Iftar printed in Arabic with English Transliteration and Translation.

The light Ramadan Lyrics being broadcast on repeat are a nice touch to keep us from getting antsy while we all wait in line.

It all feels surprisingly fast.

Somehow, it doesn’t feel like we are waiting at all.

Lowering my passenger side window and the Iftar Radio Show is now an Iftar Loudspeaker Show !

Turning the corner for the final stretch,

we can now see the guests and hosts of tonight’s Drive-Thur Iftar.

Toronto Raptors Superfan Nav Bhatia is handing out Raptors Basketballs,

though we drove by too fast to ask him for one.

Drive-Thru Volunteers asking for photographs with The Superfan who runs The Nav Bhatia Superfan Foundation.

Shaikh Alaa Elsayed,

Imam & Director of Religious Affairs at Islamic Centre of Canada greets us.

Raptors Basketballs in the trunk to be handed out to some of those behind us in line.

NOW we’ve reached the Drive-Thru Iftar Pickup part . . .

Still similar to walking a Labyrinth . . .

. . . it’s our turn to be reaching the goal while others are still en route to the centre.

Volunteers filling brown paper bags with Iftar Dinners.

Hockey Sticks,

Because this is a  Canadian  Drive-Thru Iftar, eh ?

Wireless card payment units have been duct taped to the ends of hockey sticks.

Volunteers with the Hockey Stick Donation Devices stand ready to accept financial contributions,

While maintaining physical distancing.

Canadians also invented the Blackberry Smartphone.

Who knows, this might catch on !

Four Iftars Please.

While our Iftars are being collected,

A volunteers reminds us Donations are being collected by card or cash.

We donated cash.

Cash donation was easy and quick, as we planned to have it ready.

We’re at the Pickup part of the Drive-Thru Iftar Pickup.

Handing us our four Iftars is Regional Councillor for Ward 4 in Milton, Ontario, Zeeshan Hamid.

From the other politician we got a timetable.

From Councillor Zeeshan Hamid,

we got Iftars !

Alhumdulillah, that’s it.

Again like a Labyrinth,

It’s now time to exit.

Has it really been 49 minutes ?

Doesn’t feel like it at all.



everyone after us experiences such an enjoyable and easy Drive-Thru Pickup.

Inside the paper bag, a surprise,

Jigsaw Puzzle of Ramadan Lanterns.   Hashtag: #LivingHalal.

Also inside the paper bag, the expected,

Four Iftars of Chicken and Rice.

Day 4 of Ramadan 2021 ends,

as Night 5 of Ramadan 2021 begins,

With Four Dinners from ISNA Canada‘s First Drive-Thru Iftar of the year.


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