Day 8 – New Single: RAMADAN TORONTO – Nader Khan & The Blacksmiths

Brother Nader Khan,

Who we first met on Day 7 of Ramadan 2012

In the original location of Seeker’s Hub Toronto,

And last saw in person on Day 11 of Ramadan 2019

Performing on stage at Rose Theatre during City of Brampton’s First Community Iftar,

Has released this New Single at the beginning of Ramadan 2021,

Usefully & appropriately titled,


Enjoy . . .

This song is about re-connecting with so many of those distinct experiences and aspirations that come about as we observe Ramadan in the Greater Toronto Area,

And really also in large metropolitan cities anywhere in the world.

It’s a cover of an original song that came out last year,

by my dear brother Isam Bachiri in 2020.

I loved the song,

and I loved it even more when he suggested that I pen a cover for Toronto.

As with other releases from our label (First Spring Records),

100% of the profits from this single will be donated to a charitable project as part of our #ShareTheProphet initiative.

For this release,

we’re really excited to be supporting Give 30,

an initiative to fight hunger by supporting food banks in Canada and the United States during Ramadan.

So every song purchase and stream will raise funds for this blessed project.

Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers.

I pray that you enjoy this song even more than we enjoyed crafting it.

Please do share it with others. ”

Nader Khan


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