Day 7 – 786 Halal Restaurant

Across from Lahore Tikka House, a Gerrard Street Landmark, a new place has opened up.

There’s a HUGE Iftar/Sahur banner above the entrance. It’s in the style you’d find all over the Indian subcontinent during Ramadan, but this may be a first for Toronto, at least that I’ve seen.

While snapping a few photos, a young brother goes down some stairs, and the distant echoes of Qur’an being recited fill the Gerrard Street Air.

Downstairs, they are still working on their twenty rakats of Tarawih.

Minutes ago, I had completed my Tarawih prayers in nearby Fatih Mosque on Rhodes Avenue.

A sensation of being let out of school early while other classes are in session begins to take hold.

I don’t want to smile on the outside for that reason.

I smile because perhaps this newest of Toronto’s Masjids, has some of its roots in one of the oldest of Toronto’s Masjids, only a few blocks away.

They may not even know it.

Staring at this banner reminds me of something…

Economists like to say There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

However, if they ever visit Gerrard Street in Toronto during Ramadan, they may find themselves with a Free Iftar.

Ramadan Mubarak!




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