Day 3 – LIVESTREAM – Resilient Hour – Shaikh Saeed Gharsudeen & Shaikh Musleh Khan – IIT – Islamic Institute of Toronto

During the Lockdowns during the previous Pandemic Ramadan, the IIT, Islamic Institute of Toronto, created a nightly livestream program.

They named it The “Resilient Hour”.

“Resilient” is a word meaning adapting to change.

“Hour” in Islam often refers to that Final Hour, The Day of Judgement, which is ever-approaching.

And adapting to changes during the Pandemic is what we all had to do.

IIT’s nightly livestream became a lifeline of sorts, a connection for a congregration who because of The Province of Ontario COVID-19 Stay at Home orders, could not congregate in person during Ramadan.

Shaikh Musleh Khan who is speaking tonight, was also speaking on Day 1 of Ramadan 2021, when we watched the first Resilient Hour livestream.

“​Assalaamu Alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak to everyone!

Great to have Resilient Hour again.

Please share the stream!”

– Mohamed Khadim

Last Ramadan 2021, Resilient Hour was livestreamed every night.

Resilient Hour this Ramadan 2022 will be livestreamed on Mondays and Wednesdays only :

  • Monday April 4 2022
  • Wednesday April 6 2022
  • Monday April 11 2022
  • Wednesday April 13 2022
  • Monday April 18 2022
  • Wednesday April 20 2022
  • Monday April 25 2022
  • Wednesday April 27 2022

Resilient Hour begins livestreaming around one hour before Maghrib/Sunset according to Toronto local time / Eastern Daylight Time.

IIT’s decision to keep livestreaming Resilient Hour this Ramadan, even if it is only twice on Mondays and Wednesdays rather than every night, shares something with Sayeda Khadija Centre.

Sayeda Khadija Centre in Mississauga is still doing Drive-Thru Iftar Pick Ups, a good idea they appear to be keeping from the full lockdown Ramadan days.

Even though Masjids in Ontario can operate without capacity limits, for now, we ARE in a 6th Wave of the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Ramadan 2022 could technically look like Ramadan 2019.

…Except we’re all wearing masks.

Similar to how Remote Working from Home became normal during the Pandemic lockdowns and is something Society is keeping.

Perhaps in addition to Drive-Thru Iftar Pick Ups, IIT’s Resilient Hour Livestreams also remain part of the Regular Ramadan Experience in Toronto.

The other contribution to Ramadan Culture in Toronto that IIT can continue, and SHOULD continue are their Drive-Thru Cup Cake Pick Ups !

Those were the best!

“Assalamu alaikum and Ramadan Kareem.

Watching from Guyana and missing the programs and the special feelings that can only be experienced at the IIT.”

– Jay Mobeen

Jay Mobeen was watching the Resilient Hour Livestream from Guyana ?

Might have to add another “I” to the “I I T”…

The “International” Islamic Institute of Toronto !

Tonight’s Iftar spread over our dining table while listening/watching to Adhan Al Maghrib on Resilient Hour cast onto our TV.

Toronto’s Metropolitan Area is vast.

While IIT is physically located in the north-east pocket of the city’s boundaries, being closer to Pearson Airport might mean you break your fast a minute after they begin livecasting Adhan Al Maghrib in Scarborough.

Scarborough was a city that got gobbled up into the amalgamated MegaCity of Toronto on January 1 1998.

IIT, where the sidewalk ends, or used to end, is in Scarborough.

IIT sounds better than IIS.

So… Maybe something good came out of Amalgamation after all ?

Aside : I was casting the livestream to our Television from my Raspberry Pi 400 via a fire stick. SubhanAllah, no glitches.

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