Day 1 – LIVESTREAM – Resilient Hour – 1st of Ramadan – Sh. Musleh Khan – IIT – Islamic Institute of Toronto

Sometimes there are no words to type,

Sometimes there is a Livestream.

Brother Fareed Amin explains in his opening how hard it was for IIT to STOP all collective prayers inside the Islamic Institute of Toronto.

This was done to satisfy the Province of Ontario Stay at Home Order.

The Masjid falls within a Hot Zone of rising Corona Virus community spread.

IIT is closing for at least the first week of Ramadan 2021.

Yet the Islamic Institute of Toronto is also Open . . .

Their Ramadan 2021 Schedule livestreams on their Youtube Channel :

  • Morning Qur’an Recitations
  • Afternoon Daily Du’as at 5:00 p.m.
  • Resilient Hour 30 minutes before Iftar / Local Toronto Sunset Time
  • Gems of Qur’anic Wisdom at 10:00 p.m.

Tonight’s IIT Resilient Hour featured Shaikh Musleh Khan speaking as we awaited Sunset Iftar according to Toronto Local Time.

Our family’s first Iftar Dinner Table of Ramadan 2021

Since the first year of 30 Masjids in 30 Days of Ramadan in 2011,

I would share a photograph of the date and drink used to open my fast,

In whichever Masjid I was visiting and blogging about that night…

Tonight, to break the first Day of Ramadan Fasting in the Second Pandemic Year of COVID-19,

The glass of Rooh Afza and Date were taken at home.

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