Day 2 – Drive-Thru Iftar BBQ – Sayeda Khadija Centre – Faith of Life Network – Mississauga, Ontario

Sayeda Khadija Centre is providing Drive-Thru Iftar dinner pickups on Friday and Sundays from 6 p.m. onwards.

First come, first served.

We arrived what we thought was early but wasn’t.

There was already a line-up of cars waiting for the plastic chain links to be dropped and the entrance to the parking lot open for drive-thru to begin.

HA ! Car windows adorned with Pakistan Flags.

Perhaps the driver is happy because Prime Minister Imran Khan just survived a non-confidence motion in their Parliament in Islamabad?

This is the first Drive-Thru Iftar picker-upper exiting Sayeda Khadija Centre. That was quick!

Faith of Life Network / Centre for Deen Studies / Sayeda Khadija Centre all at 7150 Edwards Blvd, Mississauga.

Are we there yet ?

We’re almost there !

Two bags with Two Iftar BBQ Dinners each.

Outdoor Grill where tonight’s Iftar Dinners were Bar-Be-Qued.

Many thanks to all the volunteers.

Our turn to exit.

Others now in line for their Drive-Thru Iftar pick-up.

The first time we did Drive-Thru Iftar at Sayeda Khadija Centre was on Day 3 of Ramadan 2020.

We didn’t know exactly how this Pandemic would end.

We know now we’re closer to the end, than the beginning.

Closer, because we were able to attend Iftar at Sayeda Khadija Centre in person yesterday.

Yet, not exactly at Pandemic’s end, as we still did a Drive-Thru Iftar pick-up today, Day 2 of Ramadan 2020.

BBQ Chicken Iftar Dinner.



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