Day 29 – Final Friday: Jumah-tul-Widah in Masjid Zakariya – Islamic Centre of Oshawa

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Arrived just in time to catch the full Fajr prayers.

Upon entering the Masjid Area inside The Islamic Centre of Oshawa, the Mihrab immediately grabs your visual attention. As will much the detail and design of the new Oshawa Masjid.


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Announcements being made before the Jumah Khutbah, or Friday Prayer Sermon, begins.

The Islamic Centre of Oshawa, or Masjid Zakariya, is seeing its first Ramadan in its new building.

Previously, since 1979, the masjid was a house which was converted into a house of worship. It was less than ideal but served its function.

An entire generation of Oshawa Muslims grew up praying in the small converted house. It was that generation, many of whom are now grown-up, who took the opportunity to tear down the old building and raise up a brand new masjid in its place.

Every Ramadan, on the Final Friday, The Jumah tul Widah, I do my best to pray in the Jami Masjid of the city I am in.

However, Toronto now has many big masjids without any of them definitively being the agreed upon successor to the title of Jami Mosque.

In Oshawa, it is definitive: The Islamic Centre of Oshawa is the Jami Mosque in Durham Region, east of Toronto.

It was here that I prayed my fifth and final Ramadan 2012 Friday Prayers while doing 30 Masjids in 30 Days in the Greater Toronto Area.

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