Day 25 – VIDEO – Women’s Prayer Space – Jami Mosque of Toronto – 56 Boustead Avenue

I first began visiting and blogging 30 Masjids in 30 Days during Ramadan in 2011.

On my very first Day 1 entry in Ramadan 2011,

I wrote about Jami Mosque of Toronto and mentioned the Sisters’ Prayer Space:

“On the south side of the building,

above the main entrance,

the sister’s have their own prayer area.

Once as a kid I was asked to fetch something up there and it pretty much looked like the rest of the main prayer hall,

a carpeted area with bookselves and a nice view of the men’s prayer area.”

Twelve Ramadans ago,

I didn’t have any images or photographs of the Sisters’ Prayer Area to fully complete my story.

In all of my life, I have only ever been inside the Sister’s Area maybe one a decade…?

So, perhaps I’m due for once-my-every-ten-year visit ?

Going into the Sisters’ or Women’s area of Masjids is not something I do during 30 Masjids visits.

Rare exception are my photographs of the sister’s area inside the Bosnian Islamic Centre.

That visit to the Bosnian Islamic Centre was also during Ramadan 2011 on Day 8.

This is also a motivation for me to ask sisters to be guest bloggers here.

Guest blog posts makes space for sisters to speak in their own voice, rather than me guessing what their masjid experiences are like.

And Alhumdulillah,

Here we are on Day 25 of Ramadan 2022,

Today, a sister at Jami Mosque shared this video on the official Jami Mosque instagram page.

Watching the short video is just enough to now know what the upstairs Sisters’ Prayer Space looks like.

Sometimes 30 Masjids needs 12 years to complete a story

“As-salam wa alaykum.

Here at Jami Mosque,

We welcome women, men and all.

It doesn’t matter what background or ethnicity you are as our community here at Jami Mosque is very beautifully diverse.

We welcome all Muslims here and women are a very important part of our community.

We have a beautiful Prayer Space dedicated to our women,

As well as programs specifically for our women.

So please come by here at Jami Mosque as our doors are open to all.

We also wanted to thank you all for your continuous support on our social media platforms.

And just a reminder to keep checking back on our YouTube, our Instagram pages for upcoming events and uploads.

AsalamAlayKum wa Rahmahtullahi wa Barakatahu.”

Jami Mosque

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