30 MORE | “Muslim Women and Public Safety” Jane’s Walk: 1 p.m. Saturday May 7 2016 – Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto City Hall

014 - Peace and Solidarity March in Flemingdon Park, Grenoble Public School, North York - 2015-11-20

Jane’s Walk 2016 Festival Weekend is Friday, Saturday, Sunday: May 5, 6, 7.

Among the 200 walks listed so far, one might be of particular interest to Toronto area readers of 30Masjids :

Muslim Women and Public Safety

This new walk is inspired by the same November 2015 events which inspired me to lead The History of Muslims in Toronto Jane’s Walk, a month later in December 2015.

About this walk in their own words:

“Last fall Torontonians were jolted when it was reported that a Muslim woman was the viciously attacked on her way to pick up her children from school.

Although severe, this incident sparked conversations pertaining to the numerous ways Muslim women experience a lack of safety in public spaces.

Through personal stories and placemaking insights, this walk will uncover the direct and nuanced attacks that Muslim face when navigating their local communities, academic institutions, the legal system and city-building processes.

This participatory walk will invite everyone to consider the ways we can co-create a greater sense of belonging and safety for all women in public spaces.”

Walk Leaders comprise a cross-cultural team of five Women with distinct backgrounds.

muslim women and public safety - jane's walk

If I wasn’t leading my own separate un-related Jane’s Walk elsewhere in the city at that exact time, I’d certainly attend this one.

Their 2 hour Jane’s Walk begins in Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto City Hall in front of the burger joint on Saturday May 7 2016 at 1 p.m.

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