30 MORE | Day 18 – “MAC ICCO mobile vaccination clinic ready to go!!” – Muslim Association of Canada – Islamic Community Centre of Ontario – Mississauga

On Day 15 of Ramadan 2021,

MAC ICCO opened online Vaccination Popup Clinic Registration.

All 7,000 Appointments were filled in less than 2 hours.


Islamic Community Centre of Ontario Vaccine Clinic is all set up and ready to receive clients . . .

Many of those registered are Muslims living in Mississauga and Brampton.


With the Provincial Stay-at-Home order still in effect and Houses of Worship in Ontario currently limited to only 10 people inside at any one time,

This Vaccination Clinic may the only time many of Peel Region’s Muslims will be able to spend any time at all inside a Msjid.


This might be your only chance to make intention for Iʿtikāf ( اعتكاف ) inside a masjid during this second Pandemic Ramadan!

Welcome to Islamic Community Centre of Ontario.


Normally a Masjid, transformed these days into a Pop Up Vaccination Clinic.

Where you show up with your Vaccine Booking information to sign in and be directed to a Vaccine Station.

The Vaccine Station where you sit beside a trained vaccine doser and get the jab.

These are the physically distanced chairs you sit in for the full 15 minutes after you get your first dose.

A safety precaution.

Most people feel fine after getting their first vaccine jab in their upper arm.

This is where Muslims have an opportunity for Dhikr, The Remembrance of Allah SWT, inside a Masjid this Ramadan.

Make those minutes count !

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