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Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel front door 2014-03-16-49213

I am en route ultimately to Medellín, Colombia several weeks ahead of the Seventh World Urban Forum

If I could have, I would have prayer in the Chapel at Pearson International Airport. However the plane left Toronto before Maghrib Sunset Time, and I decided to not pray while in flight.

Originally, I decided that once I arrive in Florida, that is where I could catch up my Sunset and Night Prayer as this connection in Charlotte, North Carolina was too short to risk taking a few minutes break to pray.

Upon arriving in Charlotte Douglass Airport, my connecting flight was delayed about 40 minutes. Alhumdullilah, I could pray and InshAllah arrive in Florida having completed even my Isha Prayers on time.

A quick look at the CLT airport map and the Chapel was easy enough to locate. It’s on the second floor in the middle of the Terminal connecting all the gates. To find it, immediately go up the stairs where it says USO. Walk left, and there on the first corner on your right, is the Multi-Faith Chapel.

Holy Qur'an English Translation by Abduallah Yusuf Ali in Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel 2014-03-16-49192

Right away, I recognize a Yusuf Ali English Translation of the Qur’an placed upon the Altar beside the Bible and Torah.

I felt surprised for some reason, though I should not have been.

Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel inside 2014-03-16

It’s a nice enough space with nice enough rules:

Frames This Is A Place of Prayer Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel 2014-03-16-49198

The Golden Rule Multi-Faith Poster on wall of Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel 2014-03-16-49197

On one wall in the Chapel hangs the well recognizable Multi-Faith “Golden Rule” poster, showing a shared heritage and admonition amongst the different ways of Life.

Cardinal Direction Compass on wall of Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel 2014-03-16-49196

This compass hanging in one corner of the Chapel is what I used to determine the Qiblah, the direction towards Makkah, in which I needed to face during Formal Prayer.

Prayer Mats in Basket in corner of Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel 2014-03-16-49195

Underneath the framed picture of the Compass was a basket of Muslim prayer mats. Again I was surprised, though I should not have been at all.

Prayer Mat opened on floor of Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel 2014-03-16-49193

After laying down a single prayer mat, I decided why not pray using ALL the prayer rugs in the basket, with one atop another.

Prayer Mats one laid upon another in Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel 2014-03-16-49202

On The Day of Judgement, all and not just one of these prayer mats will be recorded in my favour.

Personal Portable Prayer Mat Placed atop several Charlotte Douglass Airport Chapel Prayer Mats 2014-03-16-49200

This thin red portable prayer mat has been with me for perhaps half my Life. It has been across Canada, to Brazil, I have prayed upon it in Makkah and Madinah, and tonight I would be praying upon it in The Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel.

Guestbook in Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel signed by Murat 2014-03-16-49203

Before leaving, I felt I must sign the Guestbook… yet again I am for some strange reason surprised at the number of Muslims who have prayed in this Airport Chapel. Including a Muslim Brother named “Murat” who was the last one to sign, before me…

Guestbook Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel signed by HiMY SYeD 30masjids 2014-03-16-49204

Guestbook Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel signed by Mallerlie Shirley of Masjid an Nur from Minneapolis 2014-03-16-49205

Guestbook Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel Khaled Hussein and Muhammad K Siddiqui 2014-03-16-49206

Guestbook Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel 2014-03-16-49207

As I prepared to exit the Chapel, having completed my Maghrib Prayer and Isha Prayer, I was feeling less the Weight of The World for having skipped out on doing my Maghrib Prayer on time while in flight and relieved that I was now caught up.

The Airport Chaplaincy at Charlotte Douglas Airport 20140-3-16-49208

Chapel M 3166 in Braille outside Charlotte Douglas Airport Chapel Door 2014-03-16-49212

To Travelers of ANY Faith or NO Faith who find themselves in transit at Charlotte Douglas Airport who are in need of a few moments to gather themselves and reflect, the Chapel will you give that and more.

You just might even be Surprised once, twice, even three times during your visit!

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