AsalamAlayKum, Peace and e-Greetings be upon you.

My name is HiMY SYeD. I live in downtown Toronto. Two years ago I was inspired by Aman Ali and Bassam Tariq‘s Ramadan journey around New York City.

Each day in Ramadan in 2009, Aman and Bassam visited a different New York City area Muslim place of prayer and opened their fast. They blogged their adventures.

This year, the brothers are for the second time, visiting 30 States in 30 Days!

In Toronto, I’m less ambitious…at least this year 😉

InshAllah, God-Alone-Willing, I’ll blog about opening my fast at 30 different Masjids in the Greater Toronto Area.

Tonight, at Sunset time I found myself at the Pearson International Airport, just outside of Toronto.

Earlier tonight, I was seeing my mom off as she flew to Dubai.

After my mom boarded her Emirates flight, it was time for me to pray as the Sun had already set. While having coffee with my mom at the Tim Horton’s in Terminal Three, I spotted a Prayer-Room.

This is the outside of the Multi-Faith Centre located in the west end of Terminal Three on the ground level.

It’s where I prayed my Maghrib salah, or sunset prayers. The waiting area just within view through the glass doors, is quiet enough for reading. The shelves have free copies of The Qur’an, Bibles, plus literature from other religions.

The prayer room itself is just beyond the second doors. Chairs and the altar are pretty much what one would find inside most Christian Churches. There was plenty of space for me to perform my Muslim prayers.

I then caught The Rocket express bus back to the Kipling Subway Station.

Ramadan is a week away.

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