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30 MORE | Day 23 – Twitter Thread : “Annual Reminder that Zakat is not “charity” but a Wealth-Tax that must be paid (even by children) Lunar-Annually if a Certain Threshhold is met (Nisab). It is a “Return of Wealth” to the Community.” — By Dr. Ingrid Mattson

30 MORE | Night 13 – Twitter Thread : “I am frustrated. This is the Towfiq Islamic Centre, here in the GTA. Their masjid was recently vandalized, alongside a scribbled death threat, in Ramadan.” — By Mustafa Farooq

30 MORE | Day 1 – Twitter Thread : “Part of the new Twitter regime is that we don’t get cute emojis on the #Ramadan hashtag. This app continues to spiral downward.” — By Biryani For One – Vancouver

30 MORE | Day 20 – Twitter Thread : Traveling While Muslim — By Shireen Ahmed

30 MORE | Day 19 – Twitter Thread : “Never before were the Sisters allowed to sit and use the main Musallah as such – even when no men were present.” — Via Hind Makki – Side Entrance – Islamic Foundation – Villa Park, Illinois

30 MORE | Day 11 – Twitter Thread : “Using public art as a platform, we hope to improve the visibility of Muslim identities in urban spaces.” — By Muslims in Public Space – Toronto, Ontario

30 MORE | Day 1 – Twitter Thread : “How should I break my fast?” — By Haitham Ahmed, MD, MPH – Chair of Cardiology at AdvantageCare Physicians – New York, NY

30 MORE | Day 30 – Twitter Thread : “Speakers are making connections between Palestine and living on stolen unceded land and the Black Lives Matter movement. Excellent political analysis.” – Palestine Solidarity Rally in Vancouver — By Biryani For One

30 MORE | Day 29 / Night 30 – Twitter Thread : “Shawwal 1442 Crescent Search today! The crescent of the month of Shawwal will be searched today to determine the day of Eid Al Fitr..” — By Haramain Sharifain, Saudi Arabia

30 MORE | Day 27 / Night 28 – Twitter Thread : “A vaccine clinic opening well past Iftar / sunset during Ramadan is the most culturally-appropriate thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” — By Tai Huynh

30 MORE | Day 21 – Twitter Thread : “So grateful to say I’m a moderna girl now! If you’re Muslim and fasting you should still get vaccinated. I’m so grateful for the team at MAC Islamic Community Centre…” — By Nashwa Khan – Colonized Turtle Island

30 MORE | Day 7 – Twitter Thread : “Gotta admit – I have absolutely not been feeling it this Ramadan. Incredibly tough to have yet another Ramadan in a pandemic, while working and studying…” — By Deena Kishawi, MD – Chicago, Illinois

30 MORE | Night 1 – Twitter Thread : “Ramadan is here and to be honest, I am *really* tired…” — By Sarah Mushtaq, MBA – Windsor, Ontario

30 MORE | Day 0 – Twitter Thread : “A COVID-19 2.0” – “This Ramadan, Share the Khayr Not COVID-19” — CMCTF – Canadian Muslim COVID-19 Task Force

30 MORE | Twitter Thread : “I just learned that Khadija Haffajee has Returned to God. Muslims in Canada from my generation, particularly women, will know Khadija Aunty.” — By Biryani For One — Vancouver, British Columbia