30 MORE | Night 1 – Twitter Thread : “Ramadan is here and to be honest, I am *really* tired…” — By Sarah Mushtaq, MBA – Windsor, Ontario

#Ramadan is here and to be honest,

I am *really* tired.

It’s usually a month of community, hope, renewal

but it feels difficult to lean into any of that as we face a third wave,

let alone the wild ride the past year itself has been.

Last year,

there was hope this year would… be different.

This year,

I feel spiritually, emotionally and mentally exhausted.

I need this spiritual recharge and I’m so very grateful to witness another #Ramadan.

But I am also really sad and scared and dragging along what feels like so much grief into this month.

And this is coming from someone who is healthy and employed and has a stable roof over my head.


just want to share for anyone feeling similarly.

May this #Ramadan be filled with the opportunity to heal our hearts, spiritually grow and ease our sadness.


— Sarah Mushtaq, MBA, Windsor, Ontario

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