30 MORE | Day 20 – Twitter Thread : Traveling While Muslim — By Shireen Ahmed

“On plane.

Man beside me is very quiet and respectful of my space.

Gave me the armrest.

He is watching a show but the automatic call to prayer blared out from an app on his phone.

He panicked to turn it off.

I’m like “You’re good, Uncle. You’re good.”

Muslims have been conditioned to act a certain way, and not speak loudly (if in Farsi, Arabic or Urdu) because of Islamophobia.

Some stopped reading Qu’ran or other books in mother tongues on flights.

I am reading bell hooks and very grateful for the Dhur time reminder. ❤️

It’s hard to navigate spaces when your culture and faith is so brutally and publicly maligned.

But God doesn’t test us more than we can handle.


Our cuisine tastes WAAAAAY better than racist peoples’ food so I’m good.


In an Uber.


My driver is from Chad.

He is Muslim and he is so nice.

Offered to show me the closest mosque to my hotel.

Then his wife called and he told her about the sis in the car and she invited me to their house for iftar.


I just ❤️ my community.”

— By Shireen Ahmed

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