30 MORE | Day 0 – Twitter Thread : “A COVID-19 2.0” – “This Ramadan, Share the Khayr Not COVID-19” — CMCTF – Canadian Muslim COVID-19 Task Force

“Ramadan Mubarak everyone!

Check out this 🧵

on how we can all observe a blessed and #SafeRamadan this year!

To see our Ramadan 2021 guidelines, town hall, posters and infographics,

please visit cmcovidtf.com

The same public health guidance continues to apply during Ramadan!

The COVID-19 vaccines are safe,


permissible while fasting and effective in protecting you and those around you.

If you feel well,

don’t delay getting your vaccine because of Ramadan!

There is no need to do,

eat or drink anything special on your vaccination day!

Have COVID-19 symptoms or were exposed?

Get tested ASAP and tell others without delay.

COVID-19 testing does not break your fast!

If you have no or mild symptoms of COVID-19,

you can continue to fast.

If your symptoms are severe,

you feel fasting will worsen your symptoms or delay recovery,

you may break your fast and make it up later.

Some masjids may be closed in hotspot regions while others may be open with reduced capacity.

Please respect all the rules and pray at only 1 local masjid within your region,

if permitted.

No indoor Iftaar gatherings at the masjid this year!

If your masjid is open,

they may recommend enjoying Iftaar with your household,

provide dates or water bottles outdoors,

or organize drive-thru Iftaars.

Keep Iftaar gatherings within regional limits!

Break your fast with those living with you,

and consider hosting virtual Iftaars with extended family and friends.

Pray Taraweeh prayers at home (as per the Sunnah) or at your local masjid (if it is open)

In the last 10 nights of the month,

observe ‘Itikaf at home this year

Support your family at home to get the most out of Ramadan this year!

Pay your Zakat (charity) and support your masjid,

local food bank and global community to multiply your rewards!


Reflect and Reconnect with the Qur’an this Ramadan!

Ramadan Mubarak and Ramadan Kareem from the Canadian Muslim COVID-19 Task Force to all that are observing and celebrating.

May the blessings of this month permeate our lives,

our homes,

our communities and may we all emerge safely from this 3rd wave, together.


CMCTFCanadian Muslim COVID-19 Task Force

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